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How To Make Real Ale Craft Beer Pt1

to my Chanel
“The crafty Ale Enthusiast”

In this short video:
How to make Real Ale Craft Beer pt1.
I start the whole Brewing process by laying out all the essential brewing equipment that I need.
Sanitising all of the brewing equipment before starting the complete craft ale brewing process in :
How to Make Real Ale Craft Beer pt2.

and watch me attempt to make my own Home Brew Craft Ale from start to Finish. Using A Craft Ale Brewing Kit from Northern Brewer.
I will be unboxing the “Northern Brewer Essential Starter Kit” to examine all the goodies inside and in the next videos I will be sharing my experiences from “Unboxing” the Craft Ale Kit and Sanitising the essential home brew equipment to the actual brewing process, the Bottling and then, finally , “The TASTING” !!!🍺🍺🍺

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I am not a affiliate of, nor do I
get paid or receive commissions in anyway whatsoever, for using or mentioning Northern Brewer Craft Ale Home Brew kit or its products.
It was just the Home-brew Craft Ale kit my lovely wife bought me for Christmas.


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