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How to make wine from a kit – Part 2

This is a 3 part series of videos explaining how to make wine from a kit. Hopefully you will see how easy it is to make wine using this sort of kit and give it a go yourself. It just takes a little time spread out over a month or so and you will have approximately 28 bottles of good, but inexpensive wine.
I’ve added a fourth video on carbonating wine if you like your wine sparkling. This is not the technique used to make Champagne or Prosecco with yeast, but how to easily carbonate any still wine effectively; so even if you buy a still wine from the store, you can fizz it up.

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/4HdK6u9A4AU
o Unboxing the kit. This is the wine kit https://goo.gl/Vpj23z
o Equipment needed
o Adding the water, Bentonite and Yeast
Part 2 – https://youtu.be/VgvQ4CdmO_w
o Racking the wine
o End of fermentation
o Adding stabiliser and finings
Part 3 – https://youtu.be/8di06gJOGEM
o Secondary racking of wine
o Filtration
o Bottling

How to Carbonate Still Wine – https://youtu.be/mYiMPwEShx0

Initially, you would need quite a list of equipment, but the expenditure is soon paid for by the savings you will make over buying wine from the store.

Equipment Needed:
Sterilising Powder – https://goo.gl/VvTNEU
Brewing Bucket – https://goo.gl/XDmq9s
Syphon – https://goo.gl/jwDvL9
Stirring Paddle – https://goo.gl/WBXJJg
2 x Carboy with bung – https://goo.gl/zA3Hfx
Airlock – https://goo.gl/9JpYP9
Degasser – https://goo.gl/RASFDP
Bottle Drainer – https://goo.gl/qVVxvo
Bottle Rinser – https://goo.gl/AtGB4Q
Bottle Corker – https://goo.gl/n77ce8

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