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I Am Pissed Off – My Beer Brewing Ingredients Arrived… BUT?!?!

Damn damn damn… tomorrow is home brewing Friday, aka Brew Day with Big Robb… But Man am I Pissed Off!!

You will have to tune into the video to find out why in the hell would I be pissed off when I am making beer tomorrow…. why in the faaawwkkk I would be pissed of when my beer brewing ingredients arrived in time for tomorrows brew day!

As I mention in the home brew video, if you want to find out what home brew I am making tomorrow during brew day you can head to my Blog and find the links to my Facebook Page and Twitter… I shared with those home brewers what is brewing tomorrow…

You my people will have to wait for that Home brewing video… OR you can cheat and head to the blog: http://www.MakeBeerEasy.com

Plus if you connect with me on the blog, Twitter and Facebook I do share home brewing stuff that I can not share here on YouTube, home brew recipes and beer making articles and tons of other shite!

Until tomorrows Brew Day… peace out my people!


Big Robb!



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