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Imperial Porter. Reiterated mash.

Today I knock up a batch of Russian Imperial Stout(Poter) for my son’s wedding. My equipment isn’t big enough to do a batch on system, so I use a combination of Robobrew and V3 set-up to get the job done.
Full recipe:
5kg Goilden Promise
4kg Lager Malt
1.5kg quick oats
1kg Dark dry extract
500g Brown malt
500gm chocolate malt
500gm dark crystal
400gm dextrose
200gm black malt

35gm Warrior @ 60 min
100gm Williamette @ 15 min
40gm Cascade @ 5 min
30gm Mosaic @ 2 min

Total mash water: 31 litres
Sparge water: 24 litres
Post boil: 30 litres 1.084.

2 x 14 litre fermenters @ 20°
Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity yeast,
Pitched 280 billion cells into each fermenter.
IBU 68, Expected ABV: 8.6% Final Gravity 1.017-1.020




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