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Juicy NEIPA – Homebrew Beer Recipe

Full Recipe: https://www.clawhammersupply.com/blogs/moonshine-still-blog/juicy-neipa-new-england-ipa-recipe
Brew System: https://www.clawhammersupply.com/collections/all-products/products/digital-electric-120v-homebrew-beer-system
Bucket Opener: https://www.clawhammersupply.com/collections/all-products/products/bucket-opener

The New England IPA has become a really popular beer recently, so we decided to brew up a Juicy NEIPA that really shows off the best parts about this style of beer. Note, if we brewed this recipe again, we’d omit the lemon drop hops. Read the full recipe details on our website for more info.

Hallon by Christian Bjoerklund
OG by Julian Avila

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  1. guy zlatkovsky

    Isn't the airlock too deep? Thats why the krousen run out, i guess

  2. Hi guys,great video!😀Can anyone tell me what kind of yeats I may use instead of ale juce?I can't get them in my country.Maybe some dry ones or something fromy White labs?And what advice do You have for a person without keg?A week of live ferment.and a week of quiet one?Peace from Poland✋

  3. Love the brew vids. Keep them coming.

  4. Hayden Hollenbaugh

    man that looks good. I've got my Juicy NEIPA in the bucket now. The first sample was great. I used 4oz of EXP Apple Crisp in the whirlpool and dry hopping with loral, hallertau blanc, and huell melon.

  5. Could you guys try cooking a kettle sour

  6. Joshiwa Graham

    Great video! Would love to see more in depth like this

  7. Looks great. I did a NEIPA a few weeks back. Had about 10 Oz of hops in a 5 gallon. Cascade, Ekuanot and Mosaic. Any tips on how you got yours so Hazy? Mine had some haze but not as much as the NEIPA usually has.

  8. Nacho Montamat

    Nice! How many IBUs did you get aprox? Also, no sparging??? Why??? Thanks!

  9. Mmmmmmmmm,

  10. You look like a mythical beast sipping the beer. Majestic. I never felt more like a man.

  11. Historia civilis anyone?! Sure sounds like the Music he uses

  12. How long time do you do cold crash?

  13. Dos Pronto Brewing

    guy from norway here! – Love the BIG "hop" mussligbag for Dryhop! i'll ry that next time 😀

  14. Daniel Ferreira

    Nice !

  15. I just found your channel and really like your videos! Also I grew up in foco, go rams!

  16. What kind of sugar did you use in your boil? What was the reason for adding it? ABV?

  17. Do you share your BeerSmith recipes on the BeerSmith cloud to download?

  18. Ive noticed you guys don't seem to add hops during the boil in many of your beers – does this reduce the bitter aspect to the beers you guys make?

  19. Eu amo esse equipamento. ❤️ Obrigado pelo vídeo.

  20. Guillaume Couture Levesque

    Nice IPA, looks tasty. I have to ask though, is that the Historia Civilis intro music?

  21. Are you shipping systems for non-kickstarter buyers yet?

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