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L.A. VEGAN BEER FESTIVAL | Lauren In Real Life

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We attended Eat Drink Vegan Los Angeles, formerly known as Los Angeles Vegan Beer Festival! It was a scorching hot day which made it a little difficult to eat as much as we did in Portland. But we ran into some instagram friends and had a great time!

Featured in this video:
Clara Cakes – mac & cheese waffle
Mohawk Bend – cinnamon churros with chocolate sauce dip
(can’t remember the restaurant/bar that served these) – beer and tomato juice cocktail with a watermelon lime buddy pop
NanaMoo – mint chip coconut ice cream
Falasophy – spicy modern tacos
Eat Your Greens – mac & yeese sample
Rabbit Hole Foods – fried brussels with pesto aioli

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  1. #asklauren what do yo tell those really anonying meat eaters who will say and do anything to make vegans/vegetarians feel stupid?? When people question why I don’t want to eat meat I panic because I hate the whole discussion around it. I get so tired of having to defend myself all the time! The conversation is always tense and awkward…..

  2. When I saw the waffle I thought it was something John would do but with pizza toppings xD and then he said it 😂

  3. looks delicious

  4. Beerfest boots

    match your beer with our cool drinking glasses!

  5. Johanne Helland

    "Some amazing rimjob" i fucking died 😂

  6. loved it !

  7. More like 8:43 actually! Idk why I giggled so much haha!

  8. The guy blowing his nose at 8:50 😂😂

  9. TheModestBohemian

    I saw you and didn't work up the courage within myself to say hi. I'm lame lol and I COMPLETLY regret it!

  10. I need that Mac and cheese waffle so much

  11. Hailee O'Brien

    I love slightly intoxicated Lauren, but I also enjoy the fully sober Lauren too lol.

  12. You should have your own food network show, or a cooking show on hbo so you can swear and keep it real. That would be cool.

  13. ShaansLife tm

    fruck that looks good

  14. Elizabeth Qauc


  15. Where is your jacket from tho????

  16. Yay so glad I made it in the vlog! It was awesome meeting you two <3

  17. I watched this while I was eating lunch, and I don't think that was a good idea because now I am toooo full!!

  18. Hahaha the guy behind Lauren at 8:41 xD

  19. Whoop whoop! how awesome! Nothing like that in my hometown 😕

  20. Don't drink and drive ffs.

  21. Katelyn Perry


  22. I'm not a vegan but I wanna go to these festivals so bad. Lol it all looks so good. Plus I wanna be vegan, but my lame ass keeps making excuses. Haha

  23. Girl I just saw you in an Enrique Iglesias interview um what?!????!!!!! I didn't know you interviewed him, so lucky!

  24. kisses4rmbabyify

    the beer with the "rim job" is a Mexican drink called michelada

  25. Anyone else feel like they might be a little high?

  26. "with some amazing rim job" Lauren- L.A Vegan beer festival 2k16

  27. Not a Small Man Vegan

    I'm in this video!!! Lol

  28. I missed you there! And those brussels sprouts?!? IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT OUT.

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