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Learn Japanese Phrases -when ordering Gyoza and Beer in Izakaya-【#3】

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In this video, ShoGoPie and Tintinmax teach you guys some useful Japanese phrases when ordering gyoza, beer and spring roll in izakaya, ninoni(居酒屋 弐ノ弐).Hope this video could be helpful for people who learn Japanese or have a plan to visit Japan.

Let’s make sure how to order foods in izakaya and practice with me!!!If you have a question or compliment to this video, feel free to leave your comment! I’ll reply as soon as I can.

TinTinMax also make video which might help you get to know more about Japan☆
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  1. how to order two beer? is it "futatsu" ?

  2. this was a useful lesson but i would prefer you teach more informal speech patterns, everywhere else on the internet already teaches formal japanese. and for the part where you said hitomazu soredakedae or ijyoude for thats all for now. i was taught that toriaizu is also "for now" is that correct?

  3. mo teaching!

  4. やまぐち おとや

    haha funny

  5. You can feel the anxiety at 5:07

  6. Is the 'wo' sound silent? Also what is the transliteration for one beer? Is it 'bi-ru ee-hai kudasai' ?'

  7. This is a very useful video for teaching survival Japanese.

  8. thank you very much for.your.videos

  9. The "de" you use at the end of a lot of phrases, is this short for "desu", or does it refer to the particle "de"? Is this a local variant of the language? I have never seen in used like this in my studies. Thanks.

  10. great video 🙂 was just wondering if I'm imagining it… but the guy taking to the waiters/staff the whole time, he doesn't really look them in the eye when he orders. is he just shy, or do japanese people avoid long eye contact with strangers when in dialog?

  11. Help somebody who knows Japanese. How come the first time you ordered and said "Beeru Yon-Hai" and then at the end you said "Beeru Yootsu" instead of "Beeru Yon Hai" ??? I am Confused.

  12. The waiter looks a bit like Mizushima Hiro. lol

  13. is it common to be able to find vegetables only gyoza in japan?

  14. Thanks for teaching me the counter for beer 「4はい」 and also 「ひとまず」. I don't know most of the counters, so I would just say 「四つおねがいします」. Also I noticed that the way you speak is informal compared to what I learned in textbooks. If I was in Japan, I think I would just say 「お願いします」 all the time. Thank you for teaching us natural Japanese. それじゃもっと教えてください!

  15. すみません!すみません! すごい! すばらしい!As usual a great video and lesson 。The vintage and stylish t shirt brought me back to the 60`s. Good work man. Obrigado!

  16. TheSwedishTraveler

    Suimasen! do more videos!

  17. ordering beer….I like that!
    That's survival Japanese! 笑

  18. Charlie no Seikatsu

    Thanks for teaching me "hitomazu." That's something I've never used before, but I'll try it the next time I'm at my local izukaya 🙂

  19. I guess I annoy you meanwhile with all of my comments but I have again questions.. :/ xD 1) is there a difference between "suimasen" and "sumimasen" or is it just slang? And 2) I noticed that you said "tsu" but wrote "tu" in romaji… why? It's a bit confusing. X__x

  20. Beer is good 😀

  21. Man, why all of the learn japanese videos has something to do with beer??


  22. I would be so drunk and full of gyoza lol

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