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Leaving Things In Beer For A Month (EXPERIMENT)

Does a wool sweater that’s been soaking in Guinness for a month shred apart or grow mold? We find out! GMM #1297.1
Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/aBJhyC6Fxl8
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  1. Niamh ledgewonk

    Guinness is a stout not beer 😂🤷

  2. ClawedMetal 7064

    Tf are you calling it Guinness it’s not a world record it’s beer dumbasses

  3. stop doing things with human insides! its gross!

  4. Princess Sparkle Pixie

    Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver..

  5. It's weird that the US celebrate st Patrick's day but Scotland England and Wales don't P.S. Guinness is stout not beer

  6. Dylon Robertson

    I'll drop a nut in ya

  7. WhyAmI SoRandom

    I'm so glad I can't smell that 😂

  8. Sam Householder

    Man ya'll are great. Its rare to find quality videos on youtube like this. Ur hilarious and amazing! Love you all!😊

  9. Do you Americans think Irish things are actual magic or something? Well, you're right. There's a lot of crazy things that happen in Ireland.

  10. 8:30 Link has just discovered his fingers

  11. you guys should be time lapsing these for the final videos! 😀

  12. "I'll drop one in you" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Hannah the Musician

    Link, I feel your pain. I had to look away when Rhett was trying to take out the liver. It looked so gross! 🤢

  14. I mean the liver is supposed to do something to toxins in your body right?

  15. i typed awesome in the keyboard to see if the legends are true and… well… look for yourself. do not type it anywhere, just on your keyboard when your watching a vid. you'll find out what it does

  16. Mariah Rodriguez


  17. For the sweater, my family has the same jars lmao

  18. Links such a great friend, instead of making fun of him he just gave a reason for why Rhett would believe nuts were wood

  19. my life

  20. Hi my name is Vey

    Their sounds are hilarious 😂 😂😂

  21. Geraldine Hoare

    Who will win, links stomach or that liver xx

  22. Link isn't good at nutting in people's mouths

  23. X x Elizabeth x X

    Who else is on holiday or lives in Ireland watching this lol

  24. Unidentified Man

    You should do vinegar next.

  25. paDDy’s not paTTy’s

  26. I think Rhet likes the big nuts lol

  27. 0:00 this is why I don't drink beer
    or just alcohol in general

    also I'm like, probably 16 years old

  28. Shane Dawson is shook

    Kermit would have enjoyed that soap

  29. Irish spring soap is awesome lol

  30. Kayla Pearl CP Ninja

    I don't get why watching this type of video doesn't gross me out 😂

  31. I think 666 dislikes is about right

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