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LIGHT GETS LIT – Episode 5 “Homemade Wine”

Today I have the most special guest possible… my MOM!!! Making wine has been a tradition in my family for literally generations!

If you’re interested in making your own wine (or beer) there are a lot of resources to get you started. You can start with a kit like this one… https://www.midwestsupplies.com/master-vintnerr-fresh-harvestr-fruit-winemaking-kit?gdffi=aa92829c2cf847b6a646261bd5b23c06&gdfms=E061A79AB30E4EA0A90B9018C19ED9DB&gclid=CjwKCAjwyMfZBRAXEiwA-R3gM3ns8adCdG1S8lngmbeK26iU7fmSZWv8586SM776_02Z8XmWzGdOpxoCnywQAvD_BwE

You’d need supplies, but you can find a kit for that too… https://www.pricefalls.com/product/premium-wine-making-equipment-kit-with-auto-syphon/159420634?source=GoogleShopping&medium=cpc&term=&content=PLA&campaign=805029489&gclid=CjwKCAjwyMfZBRAXEiwA-R3gM8pMAOdoEDtxeChRM2lrrTV7djqqQ5XyYiGcIME5fQ3l8wd4Jdh5gRoCfe0QAvD_BwE&ad=191042389331

Sangria is such a versatile recipe, you can really use any wine/juice/fruit you’ve got around. If you make a lot of it, you’ll find combos you like better and you can get fancy with it too!

Sangria (Pitcher)
1 bottle of red wine3 oz brandy
6 oz mango Kerns
Cut oranges, strawberries, and nectarines
Top with Fresca

A special thanks to everyone who helped with the wine for this episode!! Mom for her knowledge, Uncle Jim and (Great) Uncle Art for supplies and advice, Jim (no relation) for use of your garage, and of course Krisha – who will appear in next week’s episode – for the gift that got me into the family hobby!!

I did get into the bottle of Pear wine (I know you were wondering) and as I’m writing this I’m drinking a glass of wine my family made when I was 5 years old!! It’s incredibly special and I hope you and your family start your own tradition!!

Thanks for tuning in! Happy Thirsty Thursday!


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