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LIVE from the London Brewing Co-op


On This Week’s Episode….​


Tim, Josh, and Mike venture outside the You Had Me At Beer studio to do our first on location recording! The London Brewing Co-op is a unique London brewery that combines the best of beer know-how with a true local and worker owned ethos. We spent our morning drinking local brews and talking about, what else, beer. Josh might have almost spilled all over our equipment, so we made him buy a round…which he almost spilled on our equipment, again. We want to sincerely thank everyone at the London Brewing Co-op for their hospitality, especially David for promptly returning our message, and Jess, who found us an outlet.
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Also Overheard:​

Josh needs to quit spilling beer on the equipment.
If it’s good enough for Lando Calrissian, it’s good enought for Tim!
Johs needs to quit spilling beer on THE F#$%ING EQUIPMENT!
The fate of the Welcome to the Wreck’d Room smackdown.
OEV = Old East Village, which is totally a thing.
Mike somehow manages to tie a worker owned co-op to libertarianism. Josh hasn’t stopped twitching.
JOSH NEEDS TO QUIT SPILL…you know what, screw it, we’ll just buy a new mixing board.
Cable Guy was right, just a few years early.
Josh’s face broke the internet.
Audio Note: We’re live from a brewery. There’s going to be some background noise. The episode is largely unedited. You’ve been warned!

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