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LOW CARB Root Beer Float

If you can’t be on a low carb diet and drink a root beer float then I don’t wanna be a low carber- hehe good new for me and for anyone else on a low carb diet wanting a root beer float- you can totally have one as long as you use the right ingredients. Check out my video or my blog post below to see which ones I used!
I hope you guys like this recipe!

To get the written recipe click here: http://kathart15.blogspot.com/2018/07/low-carb-root-beer-float.html

LOW CARB Root Beer Float
Nutritional Info
30 calories
2.5 grams protein
5 net grams carbs

*Ice Cream I used: https://halotop.com/flavors/

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  1. So yum.👍🏼Thanks!!

  2. Have you tried Zevia Root beer, It's awesome.

  3. TheGardenlady01

    I’m so glad I found your channel 👍🏾

  4. Making Over V.

    Halo Top Vanilla Ice Cream + Diet A&W Root Beer = Thumbs up on an great tasting Low Carb Root Beer Float!

  5. Diet root beer over ice, and put in a serving or two of heavy whipping cream. Better than a root beer float.

  6. thank you for all your help in giving us wonderful choices to help us keep going and to not feel like we always have to do without!

  7. omg. halo top is to die for. I don't know how they get it to taste so good and rich. I've had skinny cow and could taste the fake sugars and watered down milk, no cream. but this halo top stuff is so good. I hope they don't find anything seriously wrong with it healthwise lol

  8. I haven't seen anything I didn't like…I am glad you're here to provide us w/alternative meal ideas. I love the pizza and the hamburger w/the lettuce bun stuffed popper style.. such genius

  9. Need more than one little scoop of ice cream…,lol

  10. cinnamon hensel

    Have you tried the Enlightened ice cream yet? It’s sooooo yummy!

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