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magicalpancake Brew Day in London – Oatmeal Chocolate Stout – Ace Micro Brewery & Brewjacket

My first brew day in London on the 30L ‘Ace Micro Brewery’ found on eBay. Also known as Klarstein in Europe or similiar RoboBrew Brewery in Australia. Brewed with my buddy Octavio.

Recipe is reminiscent of a Velvet Merlin clone by Firewalker Brewing Co. I modified recipe to include cocao nibs and waaaay too many adjunct grains.

Used Beersmith for my recipe and calculations.

BeerSmith 2 – Home Brewing Software

Brewjacket for my fermentor vessel chiller. http://www.brewjacket.com

Thoughts on Kettle:

– Kettle appears to be good quality
– Boiling power is good(rolling boil), no exposed element to clean
– Powerful magnetic pump & re circulation feature
– Grainbasket is a great feature (one of the reasons why I bought it)
– Fair price vs Grainfather or similar BIAB systems
– Holding mash temperature?
– Temperature gradient is coarse – need more reliable temperature gauge
– Unwieldy, cleaning is tricky – I’ll post another video in the future
– No chilling coil

My efficiency ended up being close to 50-60%, which I suspect might be due to me roasting all the enzymes from too high of a strike water temp (165F/73.9C). I would strike the grains at 2 degrees higher than your target.

Overall, very happy with the unit. Will modify in near future to include 3 way valve with whirlpool port & temperature gauge. Thank you Mr. Cherrystone for posting a similar video (Klarstein brewery) and showing us all how to use the re circulation plate!

Thanks for watching!


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