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making a yeast strain from bread yeast

Hey home brewers, hope you are having an excellent day!
with my brewing with bread yeast series I make recipes that use bread yeast as the yeast for making my wines and ciders and meads. the last one i made was a cinnamon mead, while it is drinkable you need to back sweeten it to mask some flavors, still perfectly drinkable if thats what you have to work with.
in this video i’m starting the process of culturing my own yeast strain from the bread yeast. the idea is to slowly kill off the weaker yeast and allow the harder yeast to take over. it m ay take a while but i am hoping by the end to have a yeast strain that i can use to brew with that doesn’t get strained or stressed at say 13% and does not taste like a bread yeast brew.
hope you enjoy the video 🙂


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