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Making alcoholic ginger beer first attempt

This is intended to be the first of a few attempts at brewing ginger beer. I’m trying to get somewhere between a really nice drink and something that’s simple to brew.

I’ve based this on a couple of other YouTube videos (links below) although I’m planning on experimenting with a few different ways to perfect it, I’ll add links on any future videos if I take inspiration from other people. Once it’s brewed I’ll do a bottling video (assuming it works) and then a tasting one.

Here’s the link to the next video of me bottling the ginger beer.

Kit – Bubbler and bung – total cost £3
Morrisons 5ltr water bottle (because I don’t have a demijohn) £1.08
Big piece of ginger £1
1kg of suger (roughly) 50p
Four lemons £1.
Champagne yeast £1.80

Inspiration taken from these two channels.

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