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Making beer at home with the Lazy Kettle – for the Indian Home brewer

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LazyBrewer.in is an online Brew Store for all your essential Home brewing equipment. We supply advanced products that cater especially to the needs of the Indian Homebrewer.

We at Lazybrewer.in are committed to making your brew day easy and fun and in process making some great Beer. Based on the requirements of the Indian Homebrewer, we make equipment that are simple to use, occupy minimal space, easy to clean, yet highly efficient. More importantly, they make great beer!! Our products are made from the best materials to ensure you have a great and hassle-free brewing experience.

“We at LazyBrewer.in build customized equipment that makes brewing simple, easy and fun”
Lazy Brewer.in – Brewing Made Easy!!!
“For most Indian home brewers – beginners or advanced – finding the right equipment is a strenuous task- be it your mash tun or your boil kettle.
Making these at home – can be time consuming – and divert your focus – from the most important thing- Making great Beer!!
Choosing the wrong equipment – can lead to temperature changes during the mash- poor & irregular brewing efficiencies – a longer brew day- and more importantly in awful beer”
“We at Lazybrewer.in bring to you The Lazy Kettle.
This mash tun cum Boil Kettle – is simple to use – easily portable- yet highly advanced – and efficient.
Its unique design make it easy to- clean and- store- just perfect for the Lazy Brewer- both new and pro!!!
So here’s how it works!!!
“The Lazy kettle consists of- a Kettle with a Heating element- a colander – and a Brew Bag. Additionally you will also need- a temperature controller.
Also recommended is the Lazy Recirculator for improved efficiency.
1. Fill up the kettle with your preboil volume of water
2. Place the colander inside the kettle- so that it sits just above the heating element- This will prevent your brew bag from burning
3. Next – set your brew bag in the Kettle.
4. Then place the heating element plug- into the temperature controller – and the temperature controller plug into the Power source.- Drop the thermometer into the Kettle.
5. Switch on the power source – and set the controller to the desired mash temperature.
6. Set up the lazy Recirculator – by placing one pipe – between the Valve of the kettle – and the bottom connect of the Recirculator. Attach a pipe- to the top connect – and let it into the kettle- Make sure the valve is closed while setting this up
7. As the water starts to reach the desired temperature,-you can crush your grains. You may also add additional heat -to speed up the process
8. Once you are the mash temperature,- add your grains slowly into the kettle – and stir to any break dough balls
9. Once done, open the Kettle valve and switch on the LazyRecirculator. The Liquid should start flowing into the circulator and back to the top of the kettle
10. Now Relax!!! For an hour till the mashing is complete. Stir occasionally if you feel like
11. After mashing is complete, switch off the power source on the temp control & disconnect
12. Switch off recicrulator, close Kettle valve and disconnect
13. Take the brew bag out along with the colander an drain the liquid
14. Now bring to boil either through gas or through Heating element connected directly to power source. Gas is cheaper
15. Make your scheduled hop additions and boil for an hour
16. Place the the LazyChill into the wort while boiling to sanitize it. Submerse the LRecirculator fully in Ice water Connect the Lazy chill to the Lazyrecirculator
17. Switch on the recirculator and ice cold water should start flowing through the LazyChill cooling the liquid within 15 minutes.
18. Open the valve and empty the wort into your sanistised Fermenter
And your done!!!
Log on to Lazybrewer.in to purchase these products. For any queries email us at support@lazybrewer.in or call on 9819978060

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