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Making Beer at Home

The basics of how to homebrew for the first time, with an overview of the various steps in the process, and some practical tips we’ve acquired along the way. This is really just our first trial run at making a how-to video, so it’s still a little rough around the edges, but we figured it might still be helpful for anyone who’s thinking of brewing beer at home for the first time.

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  1. What grains are those man? Make it clear! Are those weed grains? Grass grains, or corn grains? Or perhaps those are sewerage grains! Make your video clear to the masses man!

  2. Looks like foreigner Vijay Mallya.

  3. Good video but I do question boiling with the lid of the kettle as it keeps the DMS inside the wort instead of driving it off with an open kettle..I liked the Warrior hops and I just bought a pound of them.

  4. I just want to thank you, me and my friends learned how to make delicious beer due this video!! Real homemade beer

  5. What is gravity? What unit of measurement is used?

  6. First step, according to their lack of instructions, compared to the 'Steeping the grains'; which is a high +Citation IS needed+–> What type of grains? Can hops be used? You've also mentioned that they're "special" grains? What sort of special grains? Could you tell us who manufactures these "special" grains? 

    Do you mind if I ask all of these questions? 

    And forgive me, I am a younger generation trying to be better than the older generation! So…. 

    Holy shit!  You guys are literally creating moonshine. Moonshine is literally any type of liquor. (I'm all ears if you have a counter argument.) 

    To be exact; Prisoners can create alcohol out of  most fruitas! What you're providing is filth! Absolute filth! 

    Alcohol is a dangerous stimulant. But what many people fail to even study is the psychological and physical deterioration, and fail to focus on the impacts to both brain and body, is any common understanding to anyone's demise!

    Yet, brainwashing the ignorant with this sort of knowledge that allows them to create a mind alternating substance freely, which has the potential to be harmful to those who lack any understanding of the human psychic, psychology, anatomy, physics, biology, consciousness, sociology, and all of that is important (and continue to complain about their ignorant bias), breathes in heavily! it tends to literally fly over the heads of the common stupid., don't you think?

    Here's my dilemma! Why does everyone assume you're alive when you're not?

    Do you even know what being alive entails?

    M 11 . . 15

    Listen…. he speaks.

  7. David Hughes (Food-D)

    I like the idea of the yeast starter, seems to help with my pizza dough so I wonder how it helps the final product with beer.

  8. Fantastic Video!

  9. Great work.  You make a fairly complex procedure into an easy to understand process.  Thumbs up.

  10. Wow guys that was an impressive how to video, and I bet it tastes
    Great. Much better than the store bought brands. Thanks.

  11. hi Making Beer at Home Home brewing can be very differcult without the right advice but i think you have done a good job with Making Beer at Home keep up the good work.

    Home Brewing Tips

  12. Shame we didn't get to see the final product. What was the final gravity? Was it as you were expecting?

  13. Way too much work, and if you make a mistake, it wont come out right.
    Also it will cost you a fortune, hops, malt, grains, propane, equipment.
    Beer kits are the answer, and they have come a long way, high end kits, not those cheep cooper ones, can get you there at fraction of the cost and work.
    My beers blow away my friend ones, that he makes from scratch.

  14. Laurent Stanevich

    That being said, it's never been a problem for us, and since we brew right at the edge of the garage, we like to leave a lid partly on just to minimize the risk of having a leaf or a bug drop into the pot. We always leave it cracked, though, which may be why we've never had much of a diacetyl problem.

    The other factor is that, at this point, we've gotten used to the boil-off rate we get with the lid partly on. We know that if we start with 12 gals, we'll end up with 11, etc.

  15. Laurent Stanevich

    The main reason that's usually given for leaving the lid off is that it helps prevent ending up with diacetyl in the final beer. That's a chemical that's formed (or released, not sure) during the boil, that smells kind of like buttered popcorn. Unless you're making one of the few styles where it's supposed to be part of the flavor, it's usually something you want to avoid. Diacetyl will boil off if you leave it open, but if you keep a firm lid on it, you risk having that taste.

  16. Great video I just ordered a beer making setup looking forward to making Beer. I seen you were brewing with the lid on the pot I thought I have read that the lid should be off the pot when brewing but not sure what the reason it was for to do that. 

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