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Making Metheglin, Spiced Mead, 1 gallon Small Batch Honey Homebrew Recipe

In this tutorial, you’ll find a super easy way to make Metheglin, a spiced mead. With minimal ingredients and no fancy equipment necessary, it’s completely doable to make your own small batch homebrew to be proud of.

Good quality honey will give you the best flavors, but you can “spice it up” like I do here with cinnamon, clove and vanilla.

Complete Recipe:
3 pounds honey
1 packet yeast (Lalvin EC1118, i used)
water to fill a gallon container (after honey is added)
1/2 teaspoon yeast energizer (
-muslin bag (to hold spices)
-gallon jug container
-measuring spoon
-airlock or balloon with pinhole (i did use a balloon once- it works!)
-hydrometer (for measuring specific gravity)- optional, if you want to know alcohol content of your brew

First make sure all of your equipment has been sanitized.

Add the honey to your empty gallon container, (my hot water technique in the video helps you not waste ANY honey).

Mix until water & honey are well combined.

Add yeast & yeast nutrient, and mix again.

Add bag of spices, & leave string hanging outside for easy removal.

Place airlock over the mouth of jug, or use balloon (if no airlock).

Place in a room temperature environment for several weeks or until fermentation has visibly stopped. (no more bubbles being produced).

Stage 2 covered in next video.

You can totally do this Stage without any special home brewing equipment, but I have purchased this kit in the past- which is well worth it’s $$ for everything you get. Plus it makes Big Batch Brewing a reality:)!!!

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