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Making My First Batch of Lager: Vienna Style

A Vienna Lager recipe and walk through of what it’s like to brew your own lager at home.

Vienna Lager Recipe Template: https://www.beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/Vienna_Lager_20170114.xlsx

New to All Grain Brewing? Learn how by watching my Homebrewing Basics Video Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofuwirWhdD2ks1Zf2cji0-rr

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  1. Can you just larger in the fridge after its bottled. During bottle conditioning?

  2. Christopher Saint

    Which brand munich (srm/lovibond/ebc) did you use?

  3. A 60 watt light bulb in one of those cheap aluminum reflectors (Home Depot for about $5) put into your kegerator will help warm it up. You can change the bulb wattage to suit your needs. Used in conjunction with h you temp controller to keep it from getting too warm, it should allow you to dial in very accurate temperature range. Loving your videos. Thanks for all the hard work.

  4. Brian Van Helvert

    also, for clarity check out brulosopher for adding 1/2 tsp of unflavoured gelatin at 10C when cold crashing. Clarifies is beautifully in not time at all!

  5. Did you get alot of sulfur/rotten egg smells during the ferment?

  6. I have found that you can lager beers in the keg after carbonating at 65 degrees F. If I ever have a beer that isn't just right I pull it out of the kegerator and set it aside in the basement for a month or two and forget about it. But I brew a lot, 12 gallons typically. Agree with you on lagering, just go buy a 6 pack if you want crisp carbonated water.

  7. Those crocs disturb me…

  8. Great video! Recently found your channel and have enjoyed everything I've come across. Keep it up!

    One thing I'll mention is you can definitely lager in a keg. For lagers I typically primary for 2-3 weeks, do a diacetyl rest for a few days, then rack right to the keg, leaving as much trub as possible behind. The keg goes in the kegerator unmoved for as long as I can stand it, usually 1-2 months. After that, pour off a pint or two of sludge and you're golden.

    As far as I can tell the only difference between lagering in a secondary or a keg is just a smaller footprint in the kegerator (or whatever you're using for refrigeration), so you could have a lager tucked away while still serving beer on tap. Works great if you've got the room.

  9. Hey Larry! Can you tell me what O2 tank you use? I tried to look some up and allot of people are using non-reusable tanks that they get from Home Depot. Norther brewer or midwest supplies don't have any information about the tanks but you can purchase the wand and diffusion stone. What do you use and where do you buy your supplies?

  10. Great video Larry! Laughed out loud at the weeks of waiting montage.

  11. Great video, thanks. As funny as it seems I did my first lager beer 25 years ago I was the first beer I have a brewed at home and I've been doing ales ever since, seems that we did our brewing in reverse of each other I'm about to try my first lager in years in the next few weeks thanks for the video again that's going to help a lot!

  12. brew a lager and an ale on the same day then you'll have beer to drink while you're waiting.

  13. Fantastic video. I've got the same problem, no real space to lager. I've recently acquired the ability though, and look forward to making my first lager. Good videos you have here, keep them coming! Cheers!

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  17. I have no desire to lager as well, but more so because they don't fit my personal tastes. But 3 weeks for ales? I am certainly not patient, but I try to go 2 months start-finish for session to 5% ales. But if I recall you keg, so that shaves off time correct?

  18. Luís Haroldo Freitas de Figueiredo

    Congratulations, I did my first lager last february as well! But I could not help myself and started drinking it by the 3rd week of lagering (1 week primary fermentation and 3 weeks in the bottles). It tasted fine and, before I knew, it was gone. Now I just want lagers in my fridge. Cheers!

  19. Good video looks like it taste great

  20. I'm going tho be making a yuengling clone in the next week or two, going tho be my first lager and 3rd batch of homebrew. enjoyed your video.

  21. Jan Hanchen Michelsen

    Good video, lager IS hard to make. Just a suggestion: Please add all the temperatures in metric values in your annotations, if possible. The same with weight and quantities.°F, lb, oz, gallons (UK or US?) are all quite meaningless measures for the rest of the world. And it’s a bit annoying to pause a video and fire up the converter app. Just a suggestion from a fellow (metric!) home brewer in Norway.

  22. i really liked your series of homebrewing 101 and I liked this one too. for a completely beginner like myself, what starting kit would you recommend? thank you in advance, Larry.

  23. socialismcanwork

    Great video. I just built up a yeast starter following a similar method to your video. I'd suggest decanting off the "beer" off the yeast starter for these big starters. The "beer" in the starter isn't good at all and at 1 gallon it's quite a large addition to the good wort you're wanting.

    I just did my first lager today; a Munich Helles. It's a process that's for sure. Cheers.

  24. The main reason I subscribed to your channel is your passion about beer. I mean you really enjoy making and obviously drinking beer, whenever I watch your videos I have to be drinking beer! I just feel the need to do it since you are enjoying yours so much. I'm starting to go pro at brewing (business) in Mexico City and I defenitely relate to your passion. If I ever go to US to wherever state you live It would be a pleasure to have a nice conversation while drinking some ales! Good luck!

  25. Patrick Stockwell

    I love the inkbird temp controllers. You might consider setting the temp probe in a jug of water to avoid rapid swings in temp you will get hanging in the air. Even better consider a stainless thermowell that will fit down into the carboy to measure what is actually happening in the fermentation (usually warmer by several degrees). Here are some thermowells available http://www.brewhardware.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=thermowell&Submit= Even if you don't continue brewing lagers that temp controller will be nice to dial in your keggerator for your ales, I like mine at 48F. Cheers!!

  26. Great video. I feel your pain I'm fermenting a larger now. I use the set it and forget it method. LOL good thing I have some homebrew left from my last batch.

  27. larry can you post a link to your temp controller

  28. Great video! Would it be possible to hook up a heat wrap to that temp controller to get the temps warmer for the diacetal rest?

  29. wow what a beautiful looking beverage. awesome video 😀 Just wondered if you use nay kind of fining with your beers ?

  30. It is not necessary to use a fridge and temp controller to make a lager. For your viewers: if you want to make one without investing a lot of money, try using a swamp cooler and rotate frozen bottles. Use a temp-tolerant yeast such as 34/70. Finally, you can be drinking a lager after just 3-4 weeks (similar time frame as an ale) if you keg and clarify with gelatin. I've had great success making lagers utilizing these methods, even in the summer months. Cheers!

  31. Congratulations!

  32. Lookin' Good!

  33. Wow! I had no idea that all of those other videos were building up to this one. What a great resource for teaching new brewers (or just those new to lagers)! Really well done, Larry! 🙂

  34. Hey mate, Im in the same boat as you. I have in my fridge two fermenters lagering away..so far it's been a month lagering. I have always steered clear of lagers as I dont like waiting too long plus I dont like to have my fermenters held up to long as I like to brew regularly. I did a 40L batch of lager and split it into two batches of 20L. In one I pitched Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Lager and in the other Safale 34/70. From hydrometer taste tests I would say I am more fond of the flavours in the 34/70. My grain bill consisted of Pils, Munich Light, Wheat and a touch of Melanoidin..I used only Perle hops in it. ABV is around 4.9% I can't wait to try it to see if it was worth all the effort! There is also a yeast out which has all the lager characteristics but does not require lagering, it's Mangrove Jacks M54 California Common – Give it a whirl! Great video mate 😀 Cheers, Matt

  35. fsocietyblackhat

    yup this style of lager is for the next brew day!

  36. hoofixrman martin

    good job, i need to brew a lager too. no excuses for me because i have 2 small chest freezers lol. ps i just use a cheap small blow dryer for my hot side with my inkbirds… works like a champ.

  37. Daniel Nordqvist

    Well done! Looking forward to more home brew videos! Have you done any wheat beers on your channel?

  38. Beer By The Numbers

    Apologies for a novice homebrewer question but what is an aeration stone and why do you use it? Great video as always. Cheers!

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