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Manu and Spoorti Fire Flair perpomonce world’s best little stars

Professional Bartending Course
India’s first Government Affiliated institute which uses LMS for teaching bartenders.
Duration: – 4 Month Timing:- 3 Hours in day Fees: – 30,000 + 18% GST


Introduction about Bartender & Bar history.
Bar operation. · Different types of Glassware & Equipment’s.
Classification of Beverage.
Duty and Responsibility of bartender.
Attitutes of bartenders.
Biology of Hangover.
What is alcohol & what is Fermentation & Distillation process.
Modern Methods of Mixing cocktails.
Spirits of the Worlds – Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Brandy, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Liqueurs, Aperitifs & Bitter, beer, (Introduction, History, Production, Types, Styles, Brands with country & Cocktails- tasting).
Licensing & FLR.
Selling techniques of product.
Styles & Presentation.
Introducing about Modern Molecular mixology.
Learn more than 60 classic cocktails.
Brewing, Winery & distillery visit. ( visiting cost is applicable )
Two month training in 5 star / 4 star hotels in a weekend.


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