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  1. Thanks for all the great vids Dave.
    You have been a big influence in my all grain brewing and I really like your approach and generosity of knowledge .
    Cheers, and keep em coming. Mark

  2. Hi David, when you raise the temperature for your mash out, do you stop the circulating pump or do you just leave the pump running. Have followed with interest the rest of your informative videos.

  3. Beer By The Numbers

    Love this great informative video! Really good stuff. cheers!

  4. Thanks again David for making us more up to date in how things work for home brewing

  5. great stuff very informative

  6. Hi David,
    Love your videos. Are you aware of any upcoming new version of the Grainfather?
    Plan to buy one and just want to be sure that there is not a new one that will be in the market in the next half year…

  7. Tack! Very good and informative video.

  8. Andreas Andersson Carlgren

    Riktigt bra video! Thanx for sharing this…

  9. Another great video David. Would a beta-glucanase rest be ideal for brewing a hefeweizen? That's my main brew and I am a bit worried when I go all grain I'm going to be fighting with a stuck sparge every 2 weeks!

  10. Great vid man! I thought the shortened style of your Red-X IPA video was a bit uncouth but this was spot on David Heath style that I appreciate.

  11. Great work! I enjoyed this video a lot! Thanks!!!

  12. Thanks David. Most useful in filling gaps I have. Scratch that. Had.

  13. Thanks very informative

  14. Once I start brewing, I will be very glad to send you a beer of every batch I brew. And thank you for another Great video.

  15. I like the way you present the topics in your videos, it`s clean, simple and easy to understand. As an amateur brewer, your videos are very helpful, and they have saved me a lot of times👍

  16. A very informative vid David! Thanks for sharing! Cheers

  17. Very informative David. I can see myself rewatching this quite a few times.
    Quite probably during my next all grain brew next week. Cheers 🍻

  18. Thanks David! Makes much more sense now 🙂

  19. Short Circuited Brewers

    David Heath – "Pilsner diposal service" LOL Great information! Cheers! 🍻

  20. Thanks for this one. I always wondered about what is the importance of the temp control in the mash tun.

  21. Yet another very informative video thanks David

  22. Magnus Lindström

    Mycket intressant och lärorikt.

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