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“Mead” – The Drink That Fell From Favor

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Mead was a very popular drink during the 17th century and before, but fell out of favor by the 18th century due to the rise of Beer and Ale. Nevertheless, recipes for Mead can be found in books written in the 1700’s and today Jon goes in depth on this fascinating drink.

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  1. why are there f’s in place of S’

  2. I like mead. Haven't had it for a long time. There was a winery here in California that used to make it. It came with a packet of spices. I like the 1 topic Q and A's, especially when there is a guest. I like the ones about cooking and the alcohol beverages. The ones about Clothing would come in as a close 2nd. I used to make historic costumes for the family, not only for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, but for Halloween as well.

  3. Theodore Seeber

    My family has a cider press. One year, I thought I was freezing it, but the old freezer I was using had gone bad. It self-fermented quite well, actually.

  4. Luis Corcuera

    I agree and disagree. but, I don't disagree with…

  5. That mosquito at 9:15 on your forehead was really distracting!

  6. For some reason I always watch your videos late at night before going to bed.

  7. Cider and Perry didn't feature too much in this episode, but they were by far one of the most commonly consumed alcohols in North America prior to large-scale, German immigration in the 19th century (which brought lagered beers to America, different from ale). Not to say that ale and beer weren't common, or important, but they were more expensive to make, and old world grains, save rye, didn't fair well in North America. Not to mention that cider isn't JUST composed of the apple harvest intended for eating. Cider and perry are made (at least from British i.e. colonial American and French tradition) out of what are called 'spitters'; apple varieties planted randomly from seed that produce fruit too tannic, bitter and sharp to eat, but when fermented make a balanced, complex, and refreshing beverage.

  8. Made a spiced mead (metheglin) a few years ago using 17 pounds of clover honey, wine yeast and an ounce of crushed nutmeg for a five gallon batch. I’m a big nutmeg fan but it was a little overpowering at first. After a year in the bottle the flavor settled down and was (and still is) very good.

  9. Started bee keeping last year, and am eagerly looking forward to racking my melomel. Two gallons of blackberry and two gallons of cherry with a hair under four lbs of honey per gallon. Meading and bee keeping are so cool, especially when layered alongside the historical component.

  10. Cosette Lewallen

    You should do an 18th century survival forest survival episode. Also, you should make a few episodes of historical foods and beverages fictional beings would have made for themselves like those on Lord Of The Rings (dwarves, elves, hobbits, wizards). That would be a really fun twist. You might go viral. Lord Of The Rings is a really popular series. People would be all over that and then they would also gain historical info and get hooked to your channel. Gotta monetize your videos. Lol maybe for Halloween time huh? Maybe even do a Halloween episode without the fictional beings.

  11. Cosette Lewallen

    What about the dwarves and the hobbits? Lol Jon you would make a handsome hobbit.

  12. Michael Estepp

    Make a meed video recipe

  13. Michael Estepp

    Meed, the Holy drink of skyrim

  14. Just got myself 50lb of honey from the farmers market for a few batches of mead. First attempt was a medieval calomel several years ago, turned out great, everyone liked it. Was about 18% at the finish.

  15. Bruce Frizzell

    I have made several batches of mead with baker's yeast . It works great . Hydrometer says 6% to 8% alcohol .
    Bacterial contamination is rare because honey is a super-saturated sugar solution which sucks the water out of the bad
    microbes .
    I learned that from

    Just got champagne yeast . I will see if it makes a difference .
    Brewing in one gallon bottles makes everything easier . Love your brewing episodes as well as the "Enslaved" series and the
    Earthen Oven .

  16. king leonidasberg the spartan heeb

    did they own midgets in the 18th century?

  17. Can you do an episode on spruce beer?

  18. Andrzej Ruminski

    Loved the video! it's wonderful hearing people talk about fermentation drinks and simple beers. I even learned about a new book I will read – Treatise of Cider !

  19. ferociousgumby

    Sounds like something a hobbit would drink.

  20. "I'd be happy with a bellyful of mead"

  21. Lawrence Smith

    Aye, Philly! Come visit our historical sites and make some ginger molasses beer 😀

  22. love the series but could someone recommend a good series on food of the middle ages that is also a very interesting subject.

  23. In America 99% of all honey sold in supermarkets is FAKE, its just sugar syrup with colouring, because the word honey has no copyright so you can call anything honey. CHECK THE LABEL TO SEE WHAT THE JAR CONTAINS. If you want REAL honey you need to source it from a reputable farm. Genuine jar of honey should containing nothing else. No colouring no fructose syrup no sweetners etc.

  24. I want to try this sweet nectar of a drink.

  25. jerusalem fohner

    what is sac?

  26. Christopher Rose

    Could I please get a link to the book you referenced at the beginning of the video. I really love your work.

  27. I make my own. I started a bochet last week and I can't wait to bottle it.

  28. To those of you who are able to drink from someone who can't any more because of the prescription medications I take, enjoy what you like, recommend it to others and allow them to enjoy what they like to drink. I positively HATE beer of any kind and don't understand how anyone can like the taste of it, but, hey, it's THEIR choice and not mine. I don't think they're idiots because it's their drink of choice and I am not going to berate them for it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just as you are. Be tolerant, folks… it's the best way for everyone to get along! By the way, this comment is not intended for any particular commenter, just to everything in general.

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