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Moscow Mule – The Classic Highball of Vodka, Lime and Ginger Beer

This is how to make the best Moscow Mule you’ll ever have! Like most things with the flavorless spirit, Vodka, it’s all about perception. The drink has been made over from Vodka Buck to Moscow Mule. It’s like Norma Jeane Mortenson being rebranded as Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn is obviously the more alluring choice.

It’s a really simple cocktail, but the version featured in this video will knock your socks off. Vodka, Ginger Beer (not Ginger Ale), Lime and, optionally a little Juiced Ginger never tasted so good. The copper mug is an aesthetic choice, but one that really helps make the drink. Luckily copper mugs are a lot more common now. You can find them on Amazon, The Bar Keeper (http://www.barkeepersilverlake.com) or even Urban Outfitters.

A lot of times this drink becomes the diving board to play with the spirit and call it the Fill-In-The-Blank Mule (even though it should be Fill-In-The-Blank Buck), Dutch Mule, Mezcal Mule, etc., but there’s a certain simplicity of the straight-forward Ginger and Lime combination that when spiked with Vodka remains really crisp and clean. The marketeers who pushed Vodka onto post-war America always touted how unobtrusive it was. And in a drink like this, that’s exactly right. It’s powerful, but hidden in this concoction so well, that you may not know you’re drinking. That’s why Vodka is such a common starter alcohol for those just venturing into the world of spirits and cocktails. It’s the easiest to ease in to the flavors of spirits.

For this drink, I like going big. The Stoli 100 is extremely potent, yet smooth. As always, you only want to use fresh citrus juice. It makes a world of difference from that stuff that comes from concentrate. Make sure to use a spicy ginger beer make with real ginger. My standby, of course is Feintimen’s, but Fever-Tree or Reed’s or, if you wanna go by the book, Cock ‘N’ Bull Ginger Beer will work well. Just stay away from Schweppes and Canada Dry. It’s not the same thing. It’s the difference between a cherry and a cherry flavored popsicle. I also have a strong jonesing for pure ginger. So, I like to add a splash of freshly juice ginger. It helps take it to the next level. I understand it’s more of an acquired taste, but well worth it. Putting it together this way resulted in the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever had. I challenge you to make one that’s better. If you’ve got a better method, using Vodka, Lime and Ginger, let me know. I’d love to try it. Cheers!

2 oz Vodka
Juice of 1/2 a Lime (approx. 0.75 oz)
5-6 oz Ginger Beer
Splash of Ginger Juice (optional)

Build in the glass over ice

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Stolichnaya Vodka


Old Dutch Copper Mule Mug

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