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Must See Review! The Grain Father Connect

Buy it on Amazon – http://amz-rev.com/Sy6u0K07 – Must See Review! The Grain Father Connect — Click the link to buy now or to read the 8 4 & 5 Star Reviews.Subscribe to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI5Bvni4fvQ9i4lClNPNQYQ?sub_confirmation=1

Must See Review! The Grain Father Connect

Are you new to brewing? Have you been brewing for a long time? It really doesn’t matter this is wonderful. Design your beer in Beer Smith and import into the Grainfather Connect and your off. This will simplify your brew day and give you efficiencies that you may be missing with your other all grain brew equipment. This will make a 5 gal batch of beer and you will have a great time doing it. …
Reviewer : dsouth1111

The Grainfather connect really makes all grain more fun and simple. It has the right mix of automation and manual operation. The Connect in particular allows you to build a complex multi-step sparge that is much more difficult with a typical all grain set-up and the counterflow chiller cools wort easily and quickly (at least with my tap water temp of 60-65). I would heartily recommend the Grainfather to anyone who want to make quality beer. …
Reviewer : Christopher Hazlett

Click http://amz-rev.com/Sy6u0K07 to buy now on Amazon or to read more reviews.
304 grade stainless steel superior body, with 8 us gal (30 l) capacity
Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 20Lb
Easy transition from extract brews to all grain with the Grainfather! I never owned the orginial GF but having used the connect, it is a worthwhile upgrade. Being able to sit in another room or tend to the kids while the GF slowly heats up and seeing the temperature on the phone is invaluable. Multistep mash? No problem, just key it in the app and the GF does the rest. I do use a 1500W "Hotrod" on a separate circuit to speed heatup to mash temp and progression to boil. A hop spider hel…
Reviewer : Matt Smith

Click http://amz-rev.com/Sy6u0K07 to buy now on Amazon or to read more reviews.

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