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My 10 Gallon Brewery: Overview & First Brew Day

In this culmination of my 5 to 10 gallon brewery upgrade project, I walk through the new brew system layout showing how the individual components (DIY mash lauter tun, DIY hot liquor tank, custom 20 gallon Spike Brewing kettle, pumps, valves, and hoses) work together to brew my first beer (an American Amber Ale) on it.

Also shown is the Spike Brewing CF10 Conical Fermenter on loan from Spike Brewing (www.spikebrewing.com) for a separate review video that is due out soon.

PowerPoint shown in video: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/BNBTenGallonBrewery.pptx

Buy a Chugger Pump: http://amzn.to/2y6QiWD

Foot Pedal: http://amzn.to/2AZTHYC

Watch the entire ‘Brewery Upgrade: 5 to 10 Gallon Capacity Expansion Project’ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofsQgICY3FvrJSJdbeDTa_RC

New to all-grain brewing? Check out my ‘Homebrewing Basics Video Series’ to learn how to brew:: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofuwirWhdD2ks1Zf2cji0-rr

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  1. BEER-N-BBQ by Larry

    I figured out why my mash tun was overfilled with grain forcing me into a third sparge step. The grain absorption ratio of this particular bill was higher than I estimated(~.7 qt/lb instead of the usual ~.5 qt/lb) that resulted in larger puffier grains.
    My other recipes typically have 80%+ 2-row malt in the grain bill. This batch was one of those "clearing out the old grains" batches with very different grain percentages. My 2-row was only 38% of the bill.
    When I enter the higher value, the # of steps increased to 3 and the predicted additions better matched what we actually did.
    This is a lessoned learned for me. Now I know that value can be different when using different malts. Oh and also I could use a larger mashtun too.

  2. Larry,Really appreciate the informative videos. I am curious about your 20 gallon Spike BK . . . it's obviously a custom ordered kettle. Would you mind sharing the exact order sheet you submitted . . . it appears to be the perfect set-up.     Thanks!

  3. Great video…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing "too many new things at once." That just means you are learning a ton of new things all at once.

  4. Hi Larry,
    Just wondering now that you have had the pump for a few months how do you feel about using it compared to your old way? It just seems to me that there is more involved with the pump and changing positions often.With my system anyway which is 3 tiers it all flows down hill and I do not need to change anything. Whether I fly sparge or batch sparge my HLT is on the top shelf and I can do either. One thing that I am considering though is building an electric HLT as I think that would be a good addition to my set up.

  5. Stoneyard Vineyard's

    I have been watching your Chanel for a wile now , you do great job .cheers

  6. Hi Larry. Sorry for resurrecting an old video and I may have missed the answer to my question, but could you (or did you consider) putting some sort of false bottom in the mash tun to allow the water to come up from the bottom? I am new to all grain brewing, but wanting to switch from extract. Just wondering if there is an advantage or not for doing that. I am asking because when you look at some of the "all-in-one, or not DIY" systems that seems to be how they (I guess it is called dough-ing in the grains) add water to the mash. Sorry if this is a remedial or otherwise unworthy question. Anyone can respond… just trying to figure out what direction to go with my build.

  7. We should hang out more often. I love home brewing beer and BBQ. Im an avid abuser of both!

  8. Canelo Hills Home Brewery

    I would love for you to talk about pressure fermentation

  9. Marcus W. Arcanum

    Excellant System! Great Video ! Just out of curiosity whats the 20 gallon tank and the fermenter go for?

  10. Is all grain feasible in an apartment

  11. I’m studying to be an engineer!

  12. Perfect video for me. Im hoping to integrate a single pump. You've provided a great service!

  13. Steven Deblois

    Hi Larry, very nice setup you got there! Got me kinda jealous! You got me started in the homebrewing / all grain world, and still watching your videos with a lot of pleasure. 10 gallons looks like a lot a beer to me, I think I'm gonna stick with 5G for a while, but have been slowly improving my brewhouse with your tips and videos for a couple years now. Hope there is many left where that came from. Cheers!

  14. you are an inspiration sir!

  15. Pretty slick and very impressive.

  16. What do you do with the leftover mash?

  17. west ham united

    I just bought my 15 gallon brew pot yesterday. I am already brewing 5 gallons batchs, I am going to upgrade to 10 gallon batches. Thanks Larry your video really helped met figure out what I need to do with the makeshift herms system I am going to make… I will be using 2 kettles and a cooler, with a pump.. Thx larry for all your videos

  18. Hi Larry, love your channel! I came across a SS mesh filter that would possibly work well (imho) when transferring out of your brew kettle. http://arborfab.com/Kettle-Screen_p_20.html   Reasonably priced, I thought.

  19. Charles Wagner

    Can you post Excel recipe template please? I would love to have that on hand.

  20. hi interesting video , why do you cool down the liquid so rapidly? is it to improve the beer or just a time saving issue over letting it cool by itself ? hope the brew turns out great dont drink it all in one go lol.

  21. Another great video Larry! I'm always looking at improving my process and pick up many good tips from you. Cheers!

  22. Nice gear!  I'm looking at a buying a 10 gallon kettle. Which is better 10 or 15 gallon kettle? I'm using three 5 gallon corny kegs, having 3 different brews on tap.

  23. Larry, you know how to party.

  24. jameshetfieldgia10

    Larry thanks for everything, specially for taking your time to show us your set up, you are great!!! I'm starting a craft brewery and you are an inspiration

  25. Great video. You don't have to sanitize copper elements at all, since it is antimicrobial itself. Also copper should not be boiled because it dissolves into the worth and this might be toxic.

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