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New England IPA | Homebrew How-To

Here’s how we brewed a New England IPA.

Link to easy yeast starter video: https://youtu.be/YaTs0Y004R4

26 lbs 8.0 oz Thomas Fawcett Pearl Malt (2.1 SRM)
3.00 oz Bravo Pellets [15.50 %] – Boil 60.0 min
2 lbs 8.0 oz Sugar; Corn (Dextrose) [Boil for 15 min] 5.00 oz Mosaic Pellets [12.70 %] – Boil 0.0 min
3.00 oz Citra Pellets [13.90 %] – Boil 0.0 min
3.00 oz Mosaic Pellets [12.70 %] – Dry hop
5.00 oz Citra Pellets [13.90 %] – Dry hop
2 packets Vermont Ale (The Yeast Bay)

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  1. Great video. Reminds me a lot of brew days with my buddy here in Montana, USA. We both happen to be big NEIPA fans and brew them quite frequently. If you are ever looking to brew one again I have a great recipe that has received praise from our local brewery as one of the best homebrews he has ever tried. I realize we may have different access to ingredients but it looks like this:

    Size: 5.5 Gal
    Mash temp: 149F
    Mash time: 60 min.
    Boil time: 60 min.
    Hop stand: 30 min. starting at 170F free falling to ~150F after flame out.
    Yeast: Wyeast 1318- London Ale III ~270 Billion cells (Vermont works well too I'm sure)
    OG: 1.066
    FG: 1.014
    Water Profile: aim for 1:2.5 ratio Sulfate:Chloride

    12# of Pale 2-Row
    1.25# of White Wheat Malt (mouth feel and head retention)
    1.25# of Flaked Barley (mouth feel and head retention)
    0.5# of Honey Malt (touch of sweetness)

    Boil Hops:
    0.25oz Columbus(or other high alpha clean buttering hops) FWH/60 min.

    Hop Stand Hops:
    1oz Citra
    1oz Mosaic Cryo Hops (or 2oz in pellet form)
    1oz Vic Secret ( or Galaxy, Motueka, Mandarina, El Dorado, or other fruit forward hop)

    Dry Hops:
    1oz Vic Secret at high krausen (day 2 for us)
    1oz Motueka at high krausen (day 2 for us)

    1oz Equanot Cryo Hops or 2oz in pellet form on day 10
    1oz Citra Cryo Hops or 2oz in pellet form on day 10
    1oz Vic Secret hops on day 10

    Cool to 66F and pitch yeast from starter. Ferment at 66F for 14 days. First dry hop at high krausen for biotransformation of hops and yeast. Aim for fruity hops, this was just my latest arrangement. Use extreme measures to limit O2 exposure after fermentation is complete (closed transfer from fermentor to keg, purge keg with CO2 before filling, etc.).

    I know this recipe was unsolicited but if you brew it let me know how it turns out.


  2. David Montoya Espín

    Nice video; I really enjoyed it. Keep it up!

  3. Couple of hints. #1 PH meters are not accurate at boiling temperatures. 2) PH calibration fluids are not safe to drink, as in you need to rinse the sucker in distilled water before you test a solution. Also as a general rule you should calibrate every time you use it. And it really needs to stored is storage solution then rinsed in distilled water, then calibrated, then rinsed and then used on a cooled sample. Even if it's "temperature compensated" that is only good for 10-15 degrees over the temp it wants which is usually about 60 degrees. If it's not temp compensated then you need to get the sample to with in a couple of degrees or the reading is not reliable.

    But you know if you like the results you win!

    The above is more a FYI, and a reminder that if you don't follow lab like procedures then some of the tests etc. are more for entertainment purposes and you shouldn't sweat the numbers too much.

    After a few tests I know pretty much where my water is so I only do a PH test when I'm souring and am aiming at a specific number. If you are worried about it a tablespoon of five star 5.2 ph stabilizer will get you there.

  4. use an O2 bottle to add oxygen to you worthttps://youtu.be/AG9memwcwig?t=2m40s

  5. you guys have great production quality on you videos, love it.

  6. Just found your page and subscribed…not sure how we were subscribers before. Really great video and info on the New England IPA…which we love to brew as well. We just started doing YouTube videos of our home brewing so check us out if you get a chance and let us know what you think! Cheers!

  7. Catch'em Smoke'em

    Temperature of the mash influences ph, unless you have a nice ph reader that adjust for temp, ph will read lower/acidic at higher temps. May of added more chalk than necessary

  8. How can you have a channel called Homebrew How-To if you don't know "How To". I respectfully suggest changing the name of the channel to Homebrew How Not-to. Cheers

  9. Did you cool down the wort before adding flame out hops? I like to go down to 180* then do mosaic and citra

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