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NewAir AB1200B Review – Beer Fridge For Your Homebrew

**You must use the link below to get the reduced price on the fridge. We tested it and it works if you follow this link, add a fridge to your cart, and then enter the promo code BREWDUDES and apply it for a 20% discount off of the price.**


In this video, we review a wonderful gift from the NewAir Company. They asked us to review and show you their AB-1200B Beverage cooler.

Now, if you are looking for a new fridge for your homebrew, consider this one. It has a glass door that allows you to see in without having to open it.

It has a lock that opens with a key in case you want to keep your beer from getting into the wrong hands.

It has adjustable shelves to suit your can or bottle needs.

It’s too small to use as a fermentation chamber for a carboy but I bet you can get a few gallon jugs in there in case you wanted to brew a one gallon lager.

Thanks for watching – we hope the promo code works for you. We’ll be back to the homebrew next week.


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