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Nhậu | Vietnamese BEER Food | FATHERS DAY SPECIAL | Mukbang | QT


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  1. Nice to have family around, I love your cooking

  2. Michelle Martineau


  3. Anjanette Belton

    Beautiful! I Love u & ur Family!

  4. the whole family has the same laugh..

  5. Hi man, awesome cooking for your father and family man!!! And I saw you have a lucky supermarket bag, you guys lives in Alberta?

  6. What a good son you are don’t forget dads beer 🍺

  7. Việt Nam điểm danh! 🙂 <3

  8. Your family is so amazing and happy! I guess your hometown is Hue but which district in Hue? Btw, your Hue's tone sounds so cute!! 😄😄

  9. Rongo Faaosofia

    Love watching your videos! All the way from New Zealand such a big fan of yours! ❤️❤️

  10. Quang! Hi, What great fun with your family! Enjoy!

  11. oh my
    god! l love your Hue accent! and of course your cooking!!!!!!

  12. Did that guy at the end make a joke about wanting to eat ur dog?

  13. Patrick Shashaty

    Are his parents together?

  14. Yalonda Cooper

    All I hear is drunk neighbors lol

  15. Trọng Hiếu Nguyễn

    This guy can cock everythink

  16. are u from vietnam ???

  17. Hermoso este cuadro familiar .Desde Panamá te envio un saludo un abrazo.Quang muchas felicitaciones por ser tan cariñoso con tu familia.Que jesto de atension tan lindo.Los alimentos que preparastes para compartir con tu linda familia.Quiero decirte que soy una fiel seguidora de tus videoss.Tus recetas todas exquisitas.saludos y BENDICIONES…

  18. Everyone socialising while this fat nigga just chowing down some food.

  19. Sarah Goodvibes


  20. Sarah Goodvibes


  21. Man..ur family seems awesome! They were all just laughing and have fun! And ur pops with that shotgun! Nice! Lol..and who is that yoked out dude that said "he wanted the 1st bite?" He is a monster! Lol beast

  22. You have an amazing family Quan, priceless!

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