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  1. luciano casanova

    I got 2 questions, one is meant to be funny and other one is meant to be serious

    1. Have you ever been referred to as a metrosexual?

    2. I need a very good exfoliating soap, but one that's very cheap. I am right now using Dove Gentle Exfoliating, but it can take like 2 bars to completely exfoliate the body acne outta me, I also have the body wash version of Deep Clean from Dove+Men Care, but I already tried the bar so I don't expect much from the body wash.


    You should try out another palmolive soap, or perhaps one of their bodywashes. I wonder if all of their products are awful.

  3. Have you thought about reviewing any Dr. Squatch soaps? I ordered their Cool Aloe and Bay Rum bars and wondered what your thoughts might be if you ever pick up any of their other bar soaps to review.

    BTW excellent video!

  4. My husband loves ginger beer ANYTHING! Lol. Thanks for posting!

  5. Joseph Spadafino

    Thanks for the review! I was eyeing these Olivina products whenever I'm at Target. They have a Cedar Bourbon (body wash and bar) that I might check out.

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