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If anyone was counting the calories in this video, here is an imaginary medal. We stuffed our faces with soooooo much food that we are definitely leaving Georgetown 70 kilos heavier…

Here are some of the places we visited in this video

Roasted Duck & Pork
Wai Kee Char Siew, Chulia St, Georgetown

193(Level 1), Lebuh Victoria, George Town

Oyster Omelette
Red Garden, 20, Lebuh Leith, George Town

Jalan Penang

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Equipment we use:
Canon G7X Mark II


Editing Tools:
Final Cut Pro X

Epidemic Sounds



What GEORGE TOWN is FAMOUS for! – Cendol, Laksa & Street Art



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  1. cina dah konker penang … taklama jadi macam singapura la penang ni..

  2. for your information … majority malaysians is a muslim ..and we dont eat pork …

  3. Get some pasembur guys 🙂

  4. Mohd.Firdauze Azahari

    You can try sarawak laksa…it really good..

  5. you dont hold the ramly burger. you open the wrapper into half and hold the wrapper with the burger exposed. in that way the sauces will flow into the wrapper.
    dont worry it wont go to waste because we chuck down the burger and lick the sauces off the wrapper at the end! 😂

  6. Yeah, Rojak Buah and I have never get along well together. I would never understand how my brother love it so much either. One of those 'mysteries' in the world, I guess 🙂

  7. Rojak buah is a fruit salad dressed in prawn paste with sugar and peanuts. Malaysians generally like it and can easily recognize it. I like mine with thick sweetened prawn paste. Btw, when in Penang try their char koay teow. It is supposed to be really really good and I like the one in Lorong Selamat = Kafe Heng Huat. Or go to New Lane in MacAlister Rd and try the 1st stall = the one which sells char koay teow = long queue = go in the evening. Good luck.

  8. Ramly burger 🍔 ❤️

  9. 9.01 Roasted Pork Rice got 2 version: The one you try is Char Siew (sweet and juicy). 2nd is Xiu Yok 6.29 (crispy and salty)
    12.10 maybe both of you overthinking already, It's a salad with black dressing sauce with crushed peanuts…..with chili XD
    Maybe next time you order the food, let the guy know both of you don't want spicy. 😀
    Once spicy in mouth, you can't taste the food anymore. (T.T)
    If you can't handle the spicy in your mouth, just drink Soy milk. It will calm down effectively. XD

  10. Kiyoshi Kouhei

    you guys should use digi infinate or umobile p99 those have infinate quota for internet ..i recommend the digi for kl areas

  11. Yay new videoooooo….and I am late 😢😢

  12. They actually rented out the rooms at the Blue mansion to locals before it was cleaned up, renovated and became a hotel in the 90s /2000s. My father stayed there when he was a kid. His mom was one of the children of Cheong Fat Tze but due to her being a female, she didn't inherited anything, Chinese tradition favouring the males, etc. I still remembered visiting my relatives there and falling down from spiral staircase from top to bottom when I was maybe 4 years old. Miraculously I was not injured at all. My worried mom then asked me to tell her my name to make sure I was OK. 😂😂😂

  13. I like rojak buah with a little bit of the sauce..maybe for dipping..

  14. Ramly burger nyum nyum 😎😎😎

  15. Rojak buah is my fav!

  16. OMG you guys are #TeamPopiaBasah as well haahhaah

  17. mohd salim mansurdin

    better than mcd.

  18. Love your latest video…!!!!! Im hungry again!!!! .😙😙😙

  19. Crazy Horsea29

    Its purple.😂

  20. Micha's shirt is actually Indigo. Hence, the confusion of blue or purple! Hehe

  21. Love the infectious energy you guys have. It's why I subbed so fast lol. Thank you and enjoy our country!

  22. Hi and welcome to Penang! I'm just wanna comment that I don't like Rojak (don't need to mention buah) and Laksa myself. I hope you get the great places to eat instead of just some touristy places who usually just give commissions to tour guides for bringing them customers.

  23. Its alright…i dont like Penang laksa too. Sarawak laksa on the other hand is heavenly.

  24. I’m Malaysian and I never liked rojak buah. Try the rojak mamak it tastes better😋

  25. Angie Kritenbrink

    PURE HEAVEN!! LOL Justina

  26. MuhammadSyahiran Ramli

    Im also think blue too 😂

  27. Malaysian definitely enjoy Rojak Buah as we love that thick-smelly-salty shrimp paste lol.

  28. just get Digi infinite 150. the internet is unlimited and its super fast. price per month is Rm150. you dont need to reload everytime and its worth it since it has unlimited calls and internet. im using it right now. if u dont care about the free calls just buy the sim and get a pocket wifi or mifi. or using your phone to do the hospot sharing internet. and dont worry the hotspot is unlimited too.

  29. Glad u girls enjoyed Ramly burger that is certainly Malaysian style burger sloppy,eggy and full of flavours 😁

  30. Why are y'all Videos behind again. I thought it would stay more current with the date it is now. Your video says the 8th and we pass that date

  31. Rojak Buah literally translated as 'Mix Fruits', the sauce is known as 'Kuah Rojak/Kuah Petis', actually consists of soy sauce, shrimp paste, chilies, sugar, and salt. I totally understood why you guys said that the sauce its overpowering because it contains 'belacan' (shrimp paste). Its okay if you guys didn't like it and at least you have tried. Btw, im so excited for the upcoming videos from you guys. Have fun in Penang! #CheersToFreedom

  32. Rojak, I also don't like it. The sauce somewhat taste fishy to me.

  33. Muhamad Hazman

    You guys should try the Benjo Burger.. 😀 which is the patty is substitute with egg.. PLEASE TRY IT guy..

  34. Welcome to food heaven in Penang

  35. EverywhereEverything

    What's with the thumbs down on this vlog!? Loved the video as usual ladies xx

  36. manonmani samantha

    Loved this. Visited Cheong Fatt Tze mansion years ago. In fact it's the inspiration behind my third book – The Mysterious Penglipur Lara..(adventure series for children) Shall help with funds for the portable wifi. You ladies are brilliant.

  37. Maggie Teo Siew Hoy


  38. Malaysia is the foods heaven 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  39. Rojak buah is an aquired taste. Not everyone likes it. I personally don't like it but my friends love it. The sauce is a mixture of hei ko (sweet shrimp paste), sambal belacan (spicy shrimp paste), caramel soya, and sugar usually. Rojak actually means a mixture of things, buah is fruit. so when you say rojak in malaysia it can mean alot of different food or different things.

  40. Izzuddin Fakarudin

    Yeay another video! Such a good start for my breakfast today 🙂
    For your internet issues, best to research which is the best for you girls. Hope you'll end up with the best offer for the money. For hotspot usage probably using a Wi-Fi dongle or box is the better option. For single mobile phone usage you can probably got around RM80 for unlimited internet on the phone, but they only come with usual 10GB+ internet for hotspot purpose
    For the rojak, my opinion is the sauce is too much! I'd preferred it only slightly sauteed with the sauce. That is almost like you're eating only the sauce 😂

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