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Pairing Cured Meats With Craft Beer | Beer & Craft Food Review

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Recorded In 4K Ultra HD Real Ale Craft Beer Reviews Pairing Cured Meats With Craft Beer | Beer & Craft Food Review

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  1. Just bought a meatbox off the back of this review. Never tried biltong either so looking forward to that. The beer sticks looks awesome too… perfect beer snacks!

  2. Great review! I love talking about food and beer pairings, but I haven't done a dedicated vid to just that yet. Added to the do do list.

  3. Polish dried kielbasa works well with IPA.

  4. What a nice review!
    2 milion Escobars? oO Seems realy spicy 😛

  5. Fowey River Brewing

    Fabulous review, I’m going to get myself one of these – they sell delivered for about 18 quid. I love the passion, i almost tasted it! Escobar was an assassinated Colombian goalie (he let too many in!) as well as a drug lord, the Carolina reaper heat unit is measured in Philip Schofields.

  6. Biltong is my ideal beer snack.

  7. Love the enthusiasm. Great choice of snacks. Just eaten a packet of scratchings with bottle of Hilden Twisted Hop. I've only been in Belfast for 1 hour and already found a cracking beer.

  8. Great video Simon! seeing a long video up and with cured meat, that sure got me excited =) i just ordered one of these boxes myself ^_^' Nice!

  9. Now I'm hungry for meat and beer.

  10. Me and my bro always try a new cheese when we drink a beer.

  11. This part is awesome. Great.

  12. Try snaffling pig pork scratchings they will blow you away!

  13. Really enjoyed this, have tried Biltong but not my cup of tea. Quick question re the larger reviews from a few weeks back, agree with you Simon that the inclement weather we had I was on the fizzy stuff took a likening to San Miguel . Anyone know the reason why superstore bought 440ml cans 5.0% abv, popped into my local off licence last week had said larger but these were 500ml cans and were 5.3%abv any idea why they are different?.

  14. All video awesome_ im Fan From malaysia

  15. Tracksuit Tin Pot Drummer

    Looks awesome, think I'm going to have to get one

  16. Shar_cute_ury My friend lol

  17. I loooove these food and beer videos !

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