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PCT 2018 Thru-Hike: Episode 15 – Refuel: Food, Beer, and Rest

PCT Gear List Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaQqPbu1Fa0

PCT Gear List – https://darwinonthetrail.com/2018/04/19/darwins-2018-pct-thru-hike/


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  1. Glad all is going well! Keep safe! Keep on truckin!

  2. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your PCT-series. I sit down in front of my TV in the morning, have some good coffe and just relax while watching the latest episode. Always makes me feel like I'm out there myself and I can't wait to be on trail soon. Thank you for doing such a great Job!
    Hike on 🙂

  3. I flew over South Tahoe today-so much smoke everywhere. Can you smell any smoke in the area 50 south of Tahoe and northward?

  4. Bridges On Bikes

    Hey Darwin, are you going to be near trail days in Oregon? It’s the 17th-19th. I’d love to bring you some trail magic either way. Hope to see you soon in Oregon when you get to the Columbia crossing. Great stuff brother!

  5. Andrew Bullock

    Another great video.

  6. What kind of tent is that cruise is using?

  7. Gareth Hadfield

    After talking about food, I thought you said Taco Rim Trail ! mmmmm tacos – thanks for the episode

  8. Ellen Rovelstad

    I feel like you're the first person I've ever seen hang their food. Thank you.

  9. William M Popper

    Congratulations to Darwin and Snuggles on their 11th marriage anniversary …Dynamic Duo for the trail and beyond…very nice.

  10. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Moretti Outdoors

    Great vid as always sir!!!

  12. I was worried there that you might not like the PCT but you have found stretches of it that accommodate your style which is good.

  13. So what did you and your wife do in the hotel room? SNUGGLE!? Lol jk bro. Love your videos.

  14. Ross Nicholson

    Terrific hiking.

  15. So awesome to see you on trails that I do day hikes on. Hike On Darwin!

  16. Moxie McKeldrey

    Amazing Vlog as always!! Thank you for takin us along man!!

  17. Moxie McKeldrey

    What is the condition of your friends knee??

  18. You’re in my area! It’s fun to hear you talk about all the different spots around home for me. Loved it!

  19. Darwin,. much gratitude for the work you put into these videos. Its inspiring me to go back and finish. In 2017 aloha lake was right behind northern Yosemite as the worst on the PCT for the skeeters… how was it this year? Seemed like you flew right by that section. PS. hope you got one of those "forest floor burgers"at stateline brewery………

  20. I'm not even hikin and that baguette looks so good it made me hungry! Great videos, love it man. Take care and good hiking.

  21. Congrats on 11 years!

  22. Christian stiltner

    My old stomping grounds. Love seeing it!

  23. Hey Darwin. You may want to start carrying your trowel again. In Bridgeport you ate at a Chinese buffet, had Indian food and ate a free pizza! No trace my friend.

  24. Keep crushing it!

  25. John Hertzberg

    How do you track your mileage?

  26. I like that you measure your time with others by the number of miles. Solitude is too underrated. Great episode.

  27. How can there be 6 dislikes on this video?

  28. Echo to Squaw is a section I believe I will be able to get done. Great video. I believe the JMT ends in Yosemite. You are on the TRT and PCT.

  29. Did you use the Ice axe?

  30. Theodore Rzepski

    11 th anniversary is an excellent start. Your photography is so clear and detailed. Great editing.

  31. Loving the post rock music in your videos 🙂

  32. I've always considered Tahoe part of the Sierra. Not the most arduous bit, but the Sierra non the less. The Desolation Wilderness is 'bout my favorite part of the range.

  33. Jason Vanstone

    Another awesome video Darwin all the best!

  34. Urban Outdoorsman “Eugen-ius”

    What’s the brand of shoes you got and why do you like them?
    Loved the video keep up the hike and hope that soon you will see beautiful Oregon.

  35. Eleven years! Good for you and Snuggles, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  36. Wow those areas look fantastic, I'm feeling very envious.

    I hope you avoid any of the fires that are about, I'm from Australia and a bunch of our firefighters are leaving today, bound for Boise. Probably IMT (Incident Management Teams) and not front line fire fighters.

  37. Darwin I’ve got the same shoes and I love them but it only took a month to get them. Started out with 10 to small went to 10 1/2 and still to tight waited a extra week until new shipment came in and got 11 and they feel great

  38. Vonn's is so good.

  39. Willard Wooten

    Since you been in Washington for at least a week , did Farley pass you as he was expecting to finish July 31 and take a month vacation with his girlfriend up here. When were you expecting to finish and would you and Snuggles take a break and celebrate your anniversary up here.

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