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People are doing yoga while drinking beer

You can now sip on an ice cold beer at a Vinyasa Yoga class in London.Join me for BEER YOGA!!! 🙂
this is about beer yoga class.
this is also a weird trend going on

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Today I am finally doing beer yoga! Shout out to Boulevard Brewing Company (they sell my absolute favorite beer, the Hibiscus Gose) and Community Beer Company (they’re an awesome brewery in Dallas with a southern/chill atmosphere…being that I’m from Alabama, I REALYY miss that)

Dyalla – https://soundcloud.com/dyallas/be-wit…
THBD – http://stereoload.com/harryhuntmusic/…

If you are looking for more yoga videos, Amy Dot is one of my favorites! She has a wonderful channel with super relaxing workouts in BEAUTIFUL locations! Check her out!:)

This may sound weird, but this beer yoga workout really was super calming!!! I might make it a weekly ritual!!!
I hope you enjoy! Thank you again for checking out my channel!


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