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Portland Cafes and Lucky Lab Bar – RTW Day 50 – Two Minute Travel

When you’ve been travelling in each other’s faces for the past seven weeks, sometimes you get a little grumpy at your travel partner. It’s nothing personal, it’s just spending so much time with someone else without getting a break. So we were in a bit of a grumpy mood, but we got over it because we were in Portland.

Portland is a great city, full of great people. It’s probably the city closest in vibe to Wellington, full of super hip people drinking their super hip coffees, living their super hip lives. We headed to a random coffee shop that was full of people on their Macbook Pros, others looking down on their luck having a plain coffee, and kids sitting and playing cards. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere. People were laid back, there was none of the hurry or stress of Los Angeles.
From there, we walked past all the food vans in Portland. They look like the best way to good food in the town, with so much variety, including my all-time favourite, a Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Plate. However, instead of going there, we decided to head to Lucky Labrador, a beer hall for some Pizza and beers.

We caught the Portland Streetcar to Lucky Labrador, which I think is a great way to see the city. Even with a car, I think catching any sort of loop public transport in a new town is a great way to get your bearings and discover interesting places around.

Kathryn loves beer, and this place didn’t disappoint. I had a cider, and I should have learnt better. It’s a brewery, not a cider-ery. The pizza slices were nice and big, and the base was crisp. The guys next to us brought their own board games, and started playing which was good. There was an office Christmas party happening at the table across us, you could tell, because everyone was bored, didn’t want to be there, and brought each other crap gifts.

From there we headed back to the Holiday Inn Pony Express, and Kathryn decided to head to the restaurant next door, selling all American food. Like Denny’s, the food was average, salty, and fattening. I went for a crab salad that was really nice, by virtue of the fact that I didn’t ask for dressing or sauce. Kathryn went for the Chicken Steak, which is basically Chicken Schnitzel, except the meat was grey. Grey is not a good colour to describe chicken. I laughed at Kathryn’s food order, and I’m pretty sure she was jealous of my salad.
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❖ Equipment ❖
Panasonic Lumix GF7
Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens
Sony FDR-X3000 Action Cam
Sony VCT-STG1 Shooting Grip


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