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praful patil best flair bartender in india

Advanced Bartending Course
Duration: – 6 Month Timing:- 3 Hours in day Fees: – 45,000


Biology of Hangover.
Modern Methods of Mixing cocktails.
Spirits of the Worlds – Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Brandy, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Liqueurs, Aperitifs & Bitter, beer, (Introduction, History, Production, Types, Styles, Brands with country & Cocktails- tasting).
Classic cocktail and Classic cocktail history
Brewing & Winery visit.
Menu Engineering.
Forecasting, planning & coasting.
Licensing & FLR.
Selling techniques of product.
Styles & Presentation.
Molecular Mixology.(Smoke Cocktail, Foam Cocktail, Frozen Nitrogen Cocktail, Caviar Cocktail, Spherification, Imfusion Cocktail, Air & Bubble Cocktail)
Homemade liqueur ,Bitters & Syrups
Culinary mixes/Floral mixes/Tiki mixes
Liqueurs with liquor Testing
Menu designing & recipes costing.
Get training in 5 star / 4 star hotels in a weekend.

Personalized flair trainer (15 Hours) with Flair kit.
Basic of Flair bartender – shaker Moves -bottle Moves (stall, rolls, bumps, Flips, grips).
Free Accurate 30-60-90 ml Pouring.
Pouring style- (slide pouring, up-down right,left,front pouring , cuts & much more).
Work flair, fire flair, Exhibition flair with sequence.
3 Flair sequence with filled bottle.
3 bottle flair, 2 shaker 1 bottle moves.
Flair with ice, glassware, tissues, other equipment’s bar tricks and Magic.


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