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  1. Sconnies – unite!

  2. You mean "Pretzles and Water Cheese Spread" xd If it's not German Beer it ain't no beer

  3. Des wird minimal behindert schmecken

  4. This is why I say replace the t in tasty with an n

  5. Nasty.

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  8. Whens tasty 101 coming back

  9. bish im not a weeb ok gtfo

    I love pretzels and cheese. All these cheese recipes are getting me hungry

  10. It has a lot of processed cheese 😂😂😂😂

  11. You passed the liquid Max! 1:05

  12. Yell trend island bit rather examine talented still code

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  14. Looks tasty indeed.

  15. What Eugene would eat/ drink

  16. If you'd delete all Tasty videos that includes cheddar there wouldn't be much left.

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    تضعون الكثير من البهارات في الأكل

  18. Why did you put beer?

  19. Those are not Pretzels (german: Bretzel)!! Pretzel have completely different taste, feel, texture, bread dough… just no

  20. This would be better with german soft prezels!

  21. OHO YEAS ~

  22. Mary Annabel Marteja

    So Far So Close To 6M subs!!

  23. Where is the pretzel recipe ??

  24. You need a personal dipper to eat these. Haha…

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  26. Lots of cheese

  27. Mes Voyages à la Cuisine

    Looks so tasty.

  28. Please make a video about what u can make with potatoes 🥔

  29. anthony whitehead


  30. Bread has beer and cheese????? Whattt XD

  31. This sounds so german!

  32. Chandrasekara Saraswathi

    Any food with butter and cheese 🧀 will be good.

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