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Recirculating dry hop in spike cf10

This is my first attempt at the method of dry hopping by recirculating pellet hops. The equipment shown is a spike brewing cf10 fermenter. The beer is drawn from the side port and run through a blichmann rip tide pump and back through the bottom dump port via a 2” to 1.5” reducer fitting that has both a 1/4” male thread and 1/2” male thread. I connect CO2 with a keg post and purg the line. I dry hopped for 15 hours at 70 degrees and then took further advantage of the recirculation by starting the cold crash. With no stratification in the fermenter, the coils easily crashed from 70-40 in 2.5 hours. I pitched a gelatin mixture at a ratio or 20oz water to 10 grams of gelatin in 10 gallons of beer. I recirculated for an additional hour before turning the pump off. The ambient temperature is 70 in the laundry room and the fermenter has since reached 37 degrees after 6 more hours with the glycol chiller set at 27. I purchased the reducer from glacier tanks for $25 through this link.


I’m still experimenting with this process, but so far I’m convinced this is the way I’ll be dry hopping from now on.


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