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  1. This is very pedestrian

  2. Nice job but, have to see Billy do it now to get it right

  3. I believe he played at this speed for a good reason.

  4. this twat always sounds like he's playing with boxing gloves on

  5. It's the right speed for a big stadium and a crowed who have not grown up on rag-time music. Clayderman knows how fast Billy Joel plays it, he is not stupid, but Richard Clayderman here is bringing ragtime to a great and possibly new audience for the genre? It's cool that different interpretations of the same music get explored and performed for us all.

  6. i like this song. better than billy. billy plays too fast. i dnt like that fast. u dnt enjoy the music

  7. He is dubbing, not playing, ahaha

  8. Vincentglen Aquiatan

    Go Richard Clayderman!

  9. Far away from the god of piano Billy Joel

  10. It's like he's smashing the keys with a mattress, with how slow he's going.

  11. Too soft and timid. Don't let the piano play you. Man handle that motherf*cker. Own it.

  12. ug. I'd play good money to watch Billy punch this guy right in the nose.

  13. LOL  i like this style of music

  14. In front of 20 Thousands people ,who can follow?

  15. I love all about Richard Clayderman.

  16. Clayderman= slow motion Billy joel !!!!

  17. Fantastic~~~

  18. Part of the reason any crowd sucks at keeping a beat is the time lag it takes for the sound to reach the recording device. The instruments have a direct digital plug-in whereas the clap is just an analog sound hitting the microphone, fractions of a second after the actual beat of the snare drum, so even an individual person who is dead on clapping with the beat will not sound like he/she is on beat. Plus you have echo in a stadium or arena.

  19. Нина Малова

    Очень понравилось. Зазвучал джаз – необычно. БРАВО!!!

  20. He plays like the first time 🙂

  21. This is only sad 😛 Ballade Pour Adeline is what he should have sticked with…

  22. Нина Малова

    Не слышала раньше. Очень понравилось.

  23. It is so slow…

  24. JazzKeyboardist1

    the crowd probably thought they were on the beat because of the echo effect, the blame is on getting the audience to clap richard,, when richard gloats to the audience, does it remind anyone of Dana carvey making fun of a gloating guitarist? lol

  25. ojala richar supiera q existe tanta gente q lo qwuiere

  26. yet another ignorant out of time audience ruining the show

  27. @paulrandig yeah, sounds like there is more to it this way…somehow.

  28. I love the intro for this version!

  29. VancouverComposer

    Doesn't look very impressed at about the 1:15 mark.

  30. BAHAHA!!! The crowd SUCKS at keeping a beat…great performance, though…it's best when it's not too fast

  31. That is the original tempo a ragtime like this should be played. All the faster versions miss the coolness of the groove.

  32. @Hamsterdancefan I happen to have the sheet music to Billy Joel's Root Beer Rag. I opened it up this evening and practiced it for the first time on my piano. I'm sure I could play it well if I really worked on it. As for the Wise Guys, I'd never heard of them. I just checked out their version just now. It looks like they know the lyrics better than Billy Joel himself! Billy's version is the best though. I'll try to avoid playing it in front of the crowd in the above video.

  33. @Hamsterdancefan Yeah. I wonder how he was able to keep up his tempo without being thrown off by the audience's clapping out of time. Without the musical accompaniment, the audience probably would have thrown him off.

  34. ありがとう!(#^.^#)

  35. i like the strings in the background..

  36. it is definitly without mstakes and technically perferkt played – but in my opminon it isn´t half as dynamic as the original 😉

  37. I like both versions: Billy Joel's and Clayderman's. Different personalities emerge from a great composition. Billy Joel is virtuous in the musical sense and Clayderman is elegant. Just a point of view.

  38. awe, not as energetic as Billy performs, but still great.

  39. Cool…

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