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Road trip from Midwest to West coast!

Minnesota to Washington in 4 DAYS!!

We started our trip on Thursday in Minnesota at 4AM!!
The first day we made it 17 hours to Bozeman, MT and the next day we checked out the Grizzly Bear Encounter Bear Sanctuary: http://www.grizzlyencounter.org/
Then we headed out to Whitefish, MT to stay with Seth’s Uncle.
We had AMAZING wings at The Bulldog Saloon: http://www.fart-slobber.com/
And made it up into whitefish to do the Avalanche Lake Hike: https://glacierguides.com/10-short-easy-hikes-in-glacier-national-park/
Then we booked it out to Seattle to drop off the Jeep with good friends and got on a flight to San Fransisco to come to get the van in Petaluma!!

We’ll be here for the week then start the journey to get the van up to Washington Stat where we’ll live until December!

Feel free to comment with any questions 🙂
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