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ROLEX GMT MASTER II – Pepsi & Root Beer – Hands on Review & Rant!

Hi Guys,

I managed to get my hands on the new Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel with the Jubilee bracelet, you know, the one that broke Baselworld 2018! I also got to play with the new GMT Master 2 Root beer.

Well, I really wasn’t impressed and there are my thoughts on it. This is a review and rant of the new Rolex Pepsi.

Let me know what you guys think.



Camera (video) – Panasonic G80 – http://amzn.to/2nyCNaT
Camera (stills) – Fujifilm X100F – http://amzn.to/2EfyFGg
Lens – Panasonic 25mm f1.7 – http://amzn.to/2nBxBCV
Microphone – Rode SmartLav+ – http://amzn.to/2E2KpNa
Tripod – Manfrotto Compact – http://amzn.to/2EbtOpF

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  1. Bark and Jack

    I probably should have made this video with other people and it be a discussion, rather than me talking to myself. Maybe next time.

  2. Louis Masterson

    Completely agree with what you're saying Adrian. I don't know where or what Rolex is doing at present. Tudor is doing v well though

  3. Dmetrey Kolesnikov

    Their colors have been off lately but the black watches retain all of the ultra tool watch patina of old, to me. They're trying to compete with AP and such but at a lower price point while being more expensive than Omega. Tudor watches have been spot on, though, surprisingly since they've gone the opposite route and are all about getting the most bang for your buck.

  4. i think Tudor now are what Rolex used to be the ceramic inserts and blocky cases are a complete turn off on the modern rolex's

  5. Richard Jeffery

    Hi Adrian, I know where you’re coming from with your discussion, particularly relating it to classic cars; given the funds would you by the old or the new etc. I have owned several classic cars over time and I think I what I’m about to say holds true for watches as well as cars. We need to embrace the new, no matter how much more we prefer the vintage, they are just not practical for every day, they are to valuable. I don’t mean necessarily in monetary terms either, I mean in their history and heritage. We are nearly keepers of the vintage to preserve them. I think Rolex as a brand need to keep moving forward, and those fortunate enough to own heritage pieces can display them for the likes of us to appreciate.

  6. Like all the 6 digits Rolexes It looks too much like its replica

  7. Robert Jenkins

    I love the idea of the new Pepsi, but I think you're right about the colours. It looks a bit "Fisher Price". Also I really don't like the look of the jubilee bracelet. Great video – keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Thomas van Straaten

    Good point! I thought it was just the pictures but too bad it is actually off-color! I've hit the bell, fingers crossed 😎😜

  9. Brutally honest video Adrian! The current range of Rolex sports watches would still be ‘tool’ watches if they were 10% of the price. These days most of their watches barely get wet in the rain let alone being submerged in water! All about the value I think.
    I agree about the insert colour of the new Pepsi, whether Rolex have tried to make this ‘faded’ look and failed I don’t know but from what I understand it has been very difficult for them to combine two colours for the insert.
    Anyhow as you know I prefer the classic 1675, 16750, 16760, 16700, 16710’s along with Submariner range from the same period(s)…. the case size is perfect. Modern lugs are so much larger and I think ugly in comparison. It’s all about current trends but I believe the watches the size of a tea plate on your wrist will soon be a thing of the past.
    I always compare pre-owned watches to cars and your analogy of the 911 is spot on! Compare the arse end of the 80’s – early 90’s 911 to the modern ones…. the originals are tiny. Later models look very similar to each other… give me the classic shape every time.
    Great channel, well done… must go now to finish cleaning my (1990) 964 😀 (It has been polished, alas no box but with a full set of papers!)

  10. Ricardo Russo

    I think you are right, they are totally overdoing it with this price escalation. They are taking advantage of their status

  11. New daytona is a beautiful watch, but … the SS bezel is equally super cool! Actually the 16520 with the zenith movement is even cooler, but expensive these days… Or the less loved TT 16523, in the high $10k, and it's also a beautiful piece.

  12. The bracelet is just wrong and too chincy for a sports watch. It just looks wrong.

  13. Rafael Montilla

    IMHO as far as Rolex is concerned tool watches are dead… their sports watches today have as much in common with their ancestors of the 60s and 70s as the Lexus SUVs of today have with the old FJ40.

  14. They’ve lost it!

  15. Relax, it's only a watch.

  16. Try to open your mouth when you are talking. Stop mumbling. My impresión is that you can’t afford more than one Rolex. You are not a Rolex fan boy at all. Keep buying Seiko (nothing bad about Seiko) but if you are disappointed just don’t buy it.
    Don’t turn into a hater.

  17. I feel the same way about the color, but I don't let it bother me, mostly coz I cannot afford it 🙂

  18. I agree! Great band! Yucky bezel colors!

  19. Graham Boules

    I've often thought the same thing in recent years. Rolex no longer makes tool watches, because the men who purchased those watches are now long gone. In this hyper-feminized "civilized" world, our fellow men have become nothing more than women with dicks. How many educated men do you know who can actually swing a hammer or turn a wrench like our fathers and their fathers? I know of very few besides myself. Rolex stopped making true tool watches when they switched from acrylic crystals to sapphire. I only wear my 5513 Sub and rarely wear my 14060 Sub because the 14060 feels silly, heavy and too shiny. Don't even talk to me about the new line of Rolexes with those super cases. Ridiculous. I've owned 5 Porsche 911's from 1986 to my current 2011 4S (yes, only manual shift) and they are still truly sports cars that can be tracked with great joy. Try to go diving with a modern Sub and you'll be laughed out of the water! Cheers!

  20. Michael Bradley

    Totally agree that the colors are really washed out and not quite right.

  21. I haven’t seen a Pepsi in person but I noticed the color oddity in many of the vids I’ve seen. If it wasn’t spot on they shouldn’t have released it. It just leads to disappointed perspective customers like yourself. I’ll stick with my simple 114060. You get the build quality of the 5 digit models with an upgraded bracelet. I’m not sold on their ceramic bezels yet. I’m convinced the “30” isn’t centered with the pip at 12 o’clock. All of the subs in the AD were the same.

  22. What’s your opinion on the updated version of the 39mm explorer?

  23. I guess you are right. A tool watch shouldn't cost as much as they do as well.

  24. The elephant in the room – the Tudor BB GMT. Is the Tudor the better GMT at less than half the price, solid coloring and its old school simplicity?

  25. Alexander Pineiro

    Modern Rolex is a heap of trash.


    Interesting viewpoint. I mean as soon as word got out about the new Pepsi – most who’d seen the wg Pepsi knew they’d be using the same bezel and tbh the colours are washed out. Shame. It’s still going to be incredibly popular and to be honest it’s still beautiful in its own way. Thanks for the video. PS. Would LOVE TO WIN the Seiko since I’m based here in the Middle East.

  27. I think Tudor took over the tool watch segment of the market. Rolex is definitely becoming less and less obtainable. I’m ok with it. It seems to be working for them so far.

  28. Batman is the best ceramic rolex!

  29. New Pepsi is Nasty.

  30. Who approved this crap to be released to the public they should be fired!

  31. Take the aluminium 16710. Just gorgeous than the ceramic models GMT.

  32. Love your content man. A true inspiration. Keep it up! Regarding Rolex I feel as of late they've gone more for facade popularity rather then staying true to their origins.

  33. I know what is going to happen with your watch giveaway. You're giving away a crappy new Rolex GMT Pepsi. I personally won't accept it; I just won't. No matter how much you twist my arm. Just kidding; good valid point about the colors. They don't really make the cut. I'd go with the new Root Beer. But once again Rolex did not throw caution to the wind. They played it safe with a black dial. Com'on Rolex. Still a nice looking watch. Maybe the Tudor GMT Pepsi will hit the sweet spot for me. Oh well…..

  34. Georgie Bungle

    You are right !
    They haven’t managed to get the colours right.

  35. The Pantone reference for Pepsi Blue is 2945 C; the Pantone reference for Pepsi Red is 185 C. Rolex has definitely tweaked the colour on this new Pepsi GMT and i agree that it's not as nice although there seems to be a lot of people that like it. Rolex still makes tool watches because the watches are inherently capable but few people in their right mind would risk scraping a gold submariner on coral. Even steel Rolexes are too expensive to be practical. Tudor has the perfect blend of capability and price that make it a real Swiss tool watch. When it comes to tool watches, however, the Japanese makers blow the Swiss out of the water every time — they are capable, bashable and, most importantly, replaceable.

  36. Tanzeel Ansari

    Find it surprising you were surprised by a watch who's bezel has been on a watch available for purchase since 2014…

  37. Great honest video. Tbh Tudor is a cooler brand and way better bang for your buck- especially the new black bay 58 and the black bay GMT Pepsi which is what, one third the price of the Rolex gmt Pepsi?

  38. Does Rolex make tool watches? Yes and no, they make (steel) luxury tool watches yes. But since the 80s Rolex has been in the luxury business not the just reliable tool business. People I hear say they should go back to the smaller whimpy cases or cheap painted aluminum bezels etc. This of course makes no sense being its not the 1950-70s we live in the modern world. So to compete with other watch brands out there, Rolex needs to have modern almost futuristically advanced watches.

  39. Jeffrey Green

    You don’t love the new GMT shade of red and blue so Rolex lost it? Seems a bit harsh.

  40. the combination of jubilee bracelet and sport dial is not very rolex to me for the pepsi it is confusing. the rose gold pepsi is much better i feel the same.

  41. Great comparison of the new & old red/blue GMT. Good God had no idea the new blue was that purple-crayon ugly. And the bezel number font is way too wide; by comparison the new Tudor Black Bay GMT bezel font is way too narrow. Ugh, now I can't un-see this stuff.

  42. Aby Van Der Hoeven

    Stick with the batman

  43. therustyspoke

    Love hearing it like it is – Straight up honest. Love it

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