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ROLEX Two-Tone GMT II Root Beer – A Great Choice for Two-Tone Lovers?!

I’m not sure if you’ve already watched our prior review on the GMT Master II Root Beer in rose gold, but this two-tone is pretty much the same watch. I would have liked to have both the two-tone and rose gold model when I recorded the first review, but I didn’t at the time.

The reality is that I’m not a great fan of two-tone watches. Nevertheless, here I go anyways!

One thing that I forgot to mentioned when I reviewed the everose version of this Rolex GMT is that Rolex added a “new movement” to it. I added that phrase in quotes because, to me, the new movement is not really much different. I think this is just a fancy way by Rolex to announce a new paint job, Lol!

With the release of this watch, Rolex finally comes out with a rose gold sports version that’s not the Yacht-Master II. Maybe one day they’ll do the same for the Submariner….or maybe they’ll eventually add a two-tone version of all their watches…or NOT!

This two-tone rose version is also an attempt by Rolex to release a model that’s not as expensive as the Yacht-Master II, which is good, because it gives two-tone fans that don’t have nosebleed-high kind of budget the opportunity to acquire a pretty nice watch.

The rose gold Root Beer is currently going over retail. But I’m not so sure what this watch is going to price at when it starts going mainstream in the watch market. We’ll just have to wait and see, even though it is highly likely that it’ll fetch a number above retail. Currently, the retail price on the two-tone model is $14,000 (compared to $37,000 for the rose gold).

This is a pretty hot watch in the Watch Game right now because of exclusivity. It’ll definitely turn heads at parties!

Let me know how you feel about the two-tone GMT Root Beer!

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  1. Caseback Watches

    Great watch! But who invents every time those crazy names like "root beer"?

  2. Currently own a BLNR. Should sell it in order to fund the new TT root beer or better keep the BATMAN…. Opinions?

  3. Bjoern Buesing

    A man with Sunglasses in a casino saying it will turn heads on parties…well….

  4. You looklike pachanga from carlitos way 😂

  5. I don't like any two tone watch

  6. Gerold At Large

    A good watch. The root beer is an under appreciated watch in a world of Pepsies , Cokes , and Batmans. I like it but I collect the others.

  7. Tried it on last night at an AD for 2018 release party. Didn't think I would like it much especially based on the pictures of it. I was wrong. The watch was sick and the contrast of rose gold and ss really make it pop not to mention the accents on the dial. I was sold. And now I am on a waitlist…
    Ps. the sky dweller in rose gold with slate dial was unbelievable

  8. Why is the Yachtmeister $25k? No seriously. Precious metals aside, just a plain stainless, why such a high price tag for this watch when movement wise it doesn't seem that laborious to build. Or am I off? How long do they sit before a customer comes in who was specifically looking for it and not just a "gimee a rollie that not everyone has" type a buyer.

  9. armando cardenas

    Brown and Rolex don't go together .

  10. Stone Cold Steve Autism

    It's one of those things you look at and you don't know what to think..then bam you love it.

  11. It's reselling between 18k to 21k, check Chrono24.

  12. Can't wait to see your review on the 2018 Pepsi GMT.

  13. Ayman Shalaby Ashour

    What do you think of yachmaster 116621?

  14. who gives a shit really about the root beer gmt, its nice but im more interested in the richard mille that you are wearing.

  15. MM Executive Chauffeurs

    Can you please do a review on 42mm Explorer 2. Thanks in advance

  16. Norbert Gerlach

    Let’s talk about the Richard Mille you’re wearing 😉

  17. Daniel Feldman

    $14k? Crap…I was hoping $12k.

  18. You forgot about the Yacht-Master 116621 which is in the same price range as this one

  19. Have you seen the steel Pepsi yet? Thx


    So 14000 is budget 😒

  21. No matter what Rolex you introduce now Eric. Since wearing the damn SD50 on my wrist, all the other Rolex look like ladies' watches to me! I can’t change back! I do not think that this was in the sense of the inventor!

  22. That’s a stunner

  23. Ravichandra Kshirsagar

    I love it. Looking to get one

  24. Kristian Stoichkov

    Nice review, Eric! I have tried it on the wrist in my local shop (they had 2x pre-ordered) and man, i think the combination is stunning. Really, not looking like you didn’t have the money for the allrose, but looks like a super refined color combination of a top sports watch. Suits on everything and looking awesome in every light condition 🙂 Hope to get one some day. Cheers

  25. Thanks for this review

  26. Barking Spider


  27. Great review mate

  28. metropolitan6C

    seen in Basel, not only a 'budget' watch, the everose match specially well the steel color tone. much more than the yellow gold does, to my opinion. a great everyday & summer watch , not too show off yet sporty.

  29. Is this more desirable than a two ton sub, no.

  30. I watched this video – Now my underpants are in two tone color as well !

  31. This is a much better option than the ugly yellow/gold bezel markings of the past!! The previous TT GMT did absolutely nothing for me.

  32. Nice two tone Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer.in rose gold.

  33. You are the Lil pump of youtube watch guys. Gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

  34. Nasser Al-Sayegh

    Great watch def one the best rolexes of basel world.

    Quick question, when are u planning on doing a review of the vacheron overseas collection in general or the new panda dial overseas to be more specific.
    V.C overseas is extremely underrated and def a heavy hitter in the sport watch models

  35. Mateus Maranhão


  36. Uvechjucorsu !!!

    This is maybe one of the very few 2 tones watches I like along with the 2 tones blue dial Sub and the 2 tones blue dial Patek Nautilus Chrono…

  37. Roberto Persico

    Eric please I need some advice: I’ve got a 116610 LN Date, a 126600 LN and a 14500st white. I want to buy a 116515 chocolate. Which ones would you trade in? Sub and Sea dweller or AP and Sub? Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work with reviews. Greetings from Italy!!

  38. Looks damn smart to me!!

  39. Two tone watches are not my favorite. They scratch easyer anf faster. They loose on resale prices and gold, rose or yelow,is not a metal I like.

  40. You get the the same ceramic bi-colour bezel, based on those from 1957 used on the all gold GMT-Master 6542 according to Rolex and the Phosphorus/ Nickel Chronergy light weight anti-magnetic escapement giving a longer 70Hr power reserve as it requires less mainspring power to move it. The 3 new GMT-Master II models from Baselworld 2018 are the only way to get the new Chronergy movement, signified with a small Rolex crown called a Coronet between the words Swiss Made at 6 O' Clock. This Everose Rolesor (two tone or bi-metal version) Ref: 126711CHNR is cheaper than the all Everose 18ct Gold model 126715CHNR, a fraction of the cost: £10,350/£26,950 or 38% of the GBP £ here in the U.K. It is a good choice for the summer or where you have a tan. Personally, I'd rather have The white gold 116719BLRO as it has white gold indicies and a red 24 Hr hand unlike both Everose models and the existing Anniversary 2005 yellow gold 116618LN green dial which has a yellow gold 24Hr hand and yellow gold indicies and hands which has less contrast for legibility.

  41. Daniel Orozco

    If I had 14K to spend on a watch a Rolex would never be an option, AP is much better IMO

  42. Nilanka jayawardena

    I like that you think that Rose gold is on the rise. Let's hope that happens.

  43. Carbonic Oyster

    I'll reserve judgement until I see it in the flesh. The pictures looked feminine to me.

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