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Root Beer Bread homemade fresh baked

This may be the worlds best loaf of root beer bread ever baked,,, thank you, no water, no milk, keep your cream in the refrigerator, no need to knead, no sourdough starter, no need to let-er rise, just get-er done, it’s on the unusual sweet side, put some peanut butter on it and call it the most delicious sandwich you have ever eaten, truely you will agree it’s the most amazing homemade flavor, don’t eat to much, I suggest a small helping, a sweet el-cheapo holiday treat recipe, just in time for Christmas morning, good with warm home made syrup or dust it with cinnamon and sugar, get back dog! with a big double scoop of vanilla bean ice cream it’s as good as a old town drug store soda fountain float, add one cherry, you gonna need at least one new dish on the table, might as well be the worlds easiest and best sweet delicious root beer bread, no need for a dutch oven, just use a Lodge 10 1/2 inch well seasoned cast iron skillet, made in the USA, add a pat of homemade butter, reheat, shove it in the microwave for about five seconds, warm-er up, that story goes on, enjoy with a cup of green china tea or a tall glass of ice cold milk, coffee, hot chocolate, get-er done, question for the week, can I buy a used electric stove in New York city for $25.00 dollars? will I need one for the David Letterman Show? just thinking ahead, even if it has a bad door hinge I can prop it up with a cut off broom handle, all is well if you don’t expect to much! who will feed the dogs? do I need a passport to Paris to get home? gettin’-er done here on the east coast of Arkansas, get back dog.. the recipe,,4 cups flour, 3 big spoons full of powdered sugar, 5 big spoons full of baking powder, about 1/2 bottle of room temperature,root beer soda pop, root beer ice cream topping to taste, dash of sea salt if you got it, mix,fold over lightly, bread machine? why? I think not.. bake 425 degrees for 25 minutes in a preheated oven, bake a little longer for a crispy crunchy crust, cover with a tea towel, let cool on sideboard, enjoy, it’s the poor hippie country boy cooking in the country kitchen, gotta do something with the government surplus stuff the duck tape girl drags in, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on.. is this Australian Damper, not even close, damper was never this good.. did you find the face? two or more, do we have a winner?

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  1. Heywood Jablowme

    I haven't even watched the whole video yet but I know I am going to find root beer next time I go out and come back and try that recipe.
    Thanks for putting your positivity into the world. Respect.

  2. I have the utmost respect for you! Keeping it simple and making it good!

  3. Amazing , thanks 🙂

  4. You are a hoot and a half.

  5. ,,,,, the description,, it's all in the description,, this is a very good bread recipe, bake two, enjoy,

  6. If you go to a show for the purposes of cooking , any show, they will provide the stove for you and the necessary dishes and ingredients

  7. i love how about 90% of the ingredients in this recipe are all borrowed

  8. so cool

  9. i can not wait to make this

  10. It is soda obviously so it the carobnation would help it rise would be my guess. However it probably would also flavor or there would be no need to put the syrup in the middle. it would probably be sweet kinda but the hint of the sassafras kinda as a aftter taste. I've never had it but I have had this bread before but I have had similar

  11. I couldn't stop watching….you sir are a delightful man. I will def have to go out yonder n get me sum of that therre rootbeer ice cream topping syrup!!!

  12. Its so cool to hear you talk about my truck every time I watch this video! Its so cool man. Me, Alex and Planet jazzy are making some tonight for a potluck and every time we make it its allllways gone XD thanks a lot sam!

  13. bought this here baking powder..from the girl across the road

  14. thanks for revealing the idea of dusting a cast iron pan with flour to keep things from sticking… I've been making some pizzas in my iron skillets this way. This root beer bread looks great….must try it (makes me wonder if a reel beer dark chocolatey stout or porter could work too)

  15. I have got to try this. It looks so good.

  16. Redneck dumbledore

  17. Arkansaw? I never seen you here? Great vid!

  18. Your bread dough looks like it rises magnificently. Is that due to baking powder and rootbeer? I will definitely try this!

  19. i want to eat it!!!!!!

  20. damn!!! dubledore ….. your alive !! 😀

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