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  1. I love island margarita. What is your favorite citrus candle of all time. I have been looking for a good grapefruit, lemon lime, very sour grapefruit citrus. Nest grapefruit candle is great but very expensive.

  2. ChuckFoodReviews

    Nice video

  3. I think they called it root beer float bc the candles notes sound better than if it were just root beer. I couldn’t imagine what notes they’d put for just root beer, the notes would probably seem more medicinal than bath and body works usual playful wording

  4. My kids loved the smell of this candle, but it's more of a novelty scent for me…I ultimately passed on this one. Thanks for the review Bren!

  5. I just bought one. I like it but I probably don't need any others. Very overpowering.

  6. This candle is such a treat for me! I can't believe how fun it smells!

  7. Is that a scent I want my house to smell like? Yes. Yes it is. 😂

  8. Richard Buscemi

    I smelled this candle in the store and thought it was a bit over powering. To me it was more like those root beer barrel hard candies than an actual root beer or float.

  9. I actually love this rootbeer candle and bought 4 of them!!

  10. vanillamarshmallow

    I looooove root beer but I dont want my house smelling like it (I felt the same way about the pink bubblegum candle) I got one anyway just for fun lol but that's enough for me. I really enjoyed all your reviews of this collection!

  11. diamondsandlipgloss

    i too loved the scent and i LOOOVE root beer but i stood in the store wondering when i would want my place to smell like root beer…or orange pop….or a banana milkshake for that matter

  12. Chandra Williams

    The packaging is pretty reminds me of Christmas. I don't want my house to smell like root beer.

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