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Root Beer Float Charm on the Rainbow Loom

Learn how to make a Root Beer Float charm using rubber bands, a hook and a loom. The loom is set in the staggered layout — so you can use a CraZLoom, Wonderloom, Bandaloom or other brands as well. Copyright © 2013 Made by Mommy

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Having trouble find the Rainbow Loom band tutorial you want? Go to http://www.looming.com/mbm for a well organized list of all of my designs!

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  1. Can you make one with just the hook

  2. Can you make an paw charm? 🙂

  3. No loom

  4. do a water bottle next!.?

  5. иди ты нахуй

  6. I think I might know what I want you to make, a 2d/3d house

  7. Can you do it hook only

  8. I do not have a loom can you make it on the hook

  9. coca cola charm

  10. I did my root beer float it turn out like your Root beer float I going to show my friends this charm

  11. My loom hook disappeared in the middle of doing this.

  12. something went completely wrong but I did this over 10 times and it still hasn't worked!!!

  13. I didn't have "Carmel" or "burgundy" or brown, so I used orange for an orange Fanta float!

  14. The Confetti Monster

    This may sound crazy to point out, but I have the same hook and loom as you. Okay, that is just WEIRD to say. Anyway, I LOVE your videos and PLEASE keep making Rainbow Loom! Can you make a monster charm? Or have you already? Judging by my name you can guess why 🙂 ~~

  15. i have a next loom idea how about u make a koala

  16. Cole the pokemon Master

    I'm using clear bands for an empty glass

  17. can you make a minion charm on the hook please

  18. you can make it yellow to look like beer 😏😏

  19. can you make a hot air balloon on a single loom or a rainbow loom hook????

  20. please make a party drink

  21. amazing😁😁😁

  22. lol……….

  23. Excellent🙏

  24. I love rootbeer it is so heavenly and thanks for making a root beer float! !!! so cute

  25. Tell us at the start if we need a hook or not!!!

  26. Noah - DawgNation

    I have BrownWonder loom bands from walmart

  27. Made by mommy ur the best loom band YouTuber x

  28. Well i am a lucky one I ACTUALLY HAVE PROPER BROWN bands that are called BROWN

  29. Hi made by mommy I am using the regular loombands you buy in the shops and my bands snap and its really frustrating and also can you make a video of you making treble clef wih regular bandsbtw huge fan! please reply

  30. Thanks alot it work so great

  31. Please make on a hook please!!!

  32. Can you make a loomless sundae

  33. Can you make a TV charm

  34. Arkadiusz Stefaniszyn

    cool video made by mommy

  35. Hello Made By Mommy,
    I made one of these using the burgundy brown and on the bottom part where u close off the figure, I thought it looked a bit sloppy on mine. So I made it with the cap band on the middle pin, instead of on the two outside pins, I think it looks better, but that is just my opinion!

    IM A HUGE FAN!!!!!

  36. Sponge bob

  37. can you make a soda or pop bottle?

  38. Helen Hinton Marle

    Can you make a easy dog charm?

  39. Helen Hinton Marle

    Loved it

  40. can you make mini a plate to put the food on

  41. Angie Buffington

    I prefer caramel better

  42. can you make a easy cat charm

  43. hi im a big fan you should have a contest by giving away limited bands and stuff like that

  44. I love this charm

  45. Can you try to make q Facebook charm

  46. All the things you've made are awesome and I have made some of your rainbow loom charms

  47. This is a great charm my daughter was making them

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