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Root Beer Watch For Under $150?

This is a Tiger Concept watch modded to look more like the Rolex brown and gold, root beer watch.

Tiger Concept: http://www.tiger-concept.com/watch.html

Bezel ebay seller: hellonatostrap
High Quality Brown & Gold Aluminum Bezel Insert For Rolex GMT Master I/II & Submariner
Color: Brown & Gold
Material: Aluminum
Size Outside diameter: 37.4 mm / Inside diameter: 30.7 mm

Band ebay seller: may51945
Jubilee Style Two Tone 20mm Curved Stainless Steel Metal Watch Bracelet Band

Music: Music By :David Smith
Sound Cloud:

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  1. can you tell me the model of the watch?

  2. hey whats the crystal like thick or flimsy plastic.

  3. gmshadowtraders

    lol its a RRRRoolllleeeXXXXXXX

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