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Rootbeer Glaze

This is a Root beer glaze i make when i smoke hams. It is Very sweet citrus and kind of has a spice to it! NOTE: Juggalos in the video i say to use 2 cups Root beer but you are only supposed to use 1 can which is 12 ounces.That is why mine is so thin.

Thanks for watching Juggalos!

“ya cant get the shit hot off the fuckin grill if you don’t push subscribe at the top”!

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  1. Thanks a bunch man it means alot to get feed back from people it rarely happens. It really is a good glaze and i like it alot just be sure that you only use a can of Rootbeer so it thickens up. Be sure to sub and share as im doing the same MCL

  2. Say brother after a long search for a glaze to use on my ham ,I finally decided to use this one and I have to give compliments to the chef . This was a very good glaze and I will probably use this for a long time . Again thanks JuggaloBBQ and keep up the good work of bbq.

  3. yea that dose fucking suck yo but hey A W works but its not Faygo

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