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RumChata Root Beer Float

RumChata Root Beer Float
1 part RumChata
3 parts A&W® or Dad’s® Root Beer

Combine over ice in a tall glass. Careful: to avoid separation please pour root beer over ice first, then add RumChata to cooled root beer. A&W® or Dad’s® root beer are recommended as they seem to separate less than other brands.

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  1. I love Rumchata, and I have actually made this root beer float a few times, and it does not work! It turns into this nasty curdled milk looking stuff. Basically because you are adding a type of milk/cream to soda… if you don't believe me there are videos on YouTube that shows what mixing milk inside soda does. this was a great idea, but the science behind it makes it into curdled milk nastiness. sorry for being honest

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