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  1. i like these girls. i think there already drunk.😂

  2. Do drunken Russian history

  3. 2 beautiful drunk comrades. Tagay pa

  4. Girls a native filino beer cames from tuba pure filino beer from a coconut tree

  5. Pretty accurate review! I agree flavored beer is for pu$$ies!

  6. try gin bulag

  7. nalasing ang mga bruha! hahaha

  8. that lambanog was not original lambanog. so called the sympathy of devil

  9. Staclara Algie

    try ginebra gin with pineapple juice and mixed it

  10. Kiven Baltazar

    @filmmenow you should also try the Colt 45 it's not legendary, well it's a myth. 😂

  11. Carlo’s Roadtrip At Iba Pa

    Drink the plane lambanog.Its like drinking vodka.

  12. Carlo’s Roadtrip At Iba Pa

    Red horse is very good When it’s very cold.And you don’t feel it its strong.Until it’s starts to kick in.

  13. Damn ,You two are awesome …XD the video made me smile …thumbs up ..

  14. Beautiful girl⚘

  15. nalasing na yata ,.,whahahahaha …

  16. Hey nice vid. Keep it coming. X

  17. vincent ryan borres

    SAN mig light is my favourite, tried lambanog before, it’s nice but not for me. Red horse is the best but the after effect is too strong. There’s Tanduay and marka demonyo (gin). Enjoyed your blog! So cool! Subscribed immediately!

  18. Red horse beer is the best and strong beer 🍺 that can piss you off. For only 2 bottles 500ml enjoy tasting our beer xie xie

  19. You should buy the local lambanog

  20. Red Horse like балтика7 или балтика9!

  21. REDHORSE BEER with SISIG on the side..

  22. My favorate red horse😂

  23. Riza Villanueva

    You just should try clear lambanog. 🙂 it's actually like vodka or gin

  24. Riza Villanueva

    Happy horse is a myth hahaha It's just an old packaging

  25. You two are gorgeous…. I enjoy your vids… Keep it up…. 🙂

  26. I love to tell Russians that lambanog is "coconut vodka".

  27. Do a collab with Angie Strangie. 💕

  28. @Filmmenow, Luv ur "aura"…..so charming!!!

  29. I was just smiling the whole time😄

  30. a russian who doesnt like vodka, how come? isnt vodka local

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