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Sapporo Beer & Lamb BBQ “Jingisukan” | Japan food vlog (Hokkaido)

Had dinner at the Sapporo Beer Garden! We ate a grilled mutton dish called ジンギスカン (jingisukan) named after the founder of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan. Who knew!


Sapporo Beer Garden


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The information in this video is based on my own discoveries, thoughts, findings and research. Especially regarding historical information, there are variations depending on region and numerous theories and explanations that have evolved over the years. My channel is just one possible source of information on Japan you can refer to, not an encyclopedia 🙂

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  1. SasekoBloodraven

    We ate here every year that we went to the Sapporo Snow festival while living in Japan. This was wonderful!,

  2. Chica is adorable

  3. 今月29日に行きます。楽しみ~!

  4. I really wanna go to hokkaido! It seems so interesting

  5. awesome video

  6. can you do a full beer tour of Japan with light snacks please

  7. Norikukame Chishika

    Mom, where's my luggage? I'm going to Hokkaido. Be back in a week.

  8. Chika-san's lip was shining in eating ingisukan.^^

  9. Gothenburger2011

    How can you not normally drink BEEEEEER !!! 🙂

  10. We should eat Lamb BBQ in Hokkaido.

  11. Gernelle & Brandon

    You are so fun to watch, I love your positive vibe and sense of adventure!

  12. 映像がプロですねー!

  13. I love the food vlogs, but I wish I wasn't 6,000 miles away so I could try it myself. I'll take notes for when I do visit though.
    Love the videos, keep them coming.

  14. I loooovee ur videos! Keep em coming 🤗

  15. Thank you for the new video and good information of Hokkaido☆OMG, it looks so delicious!! I'm hungry lol
    And, how wonderful you ran into chika-tomos!!(≧▽≦)

  16. So juicy!!
    Looks so tasty

  17. Ughhhhh i want to eat now XD

  18. 食べっぷりがすごいヽ〔゚Д゚〕丿スゴイ 

  19. Thank you .I'm really loving Japan, the culture and especially the people are just amazing.

  20. OMG I definitely ate here when I went on my Japan trip/tour two summers ago!!!!!!! Had no idea this was called jingisukan though LOL really appreciate the history facts, you should definitely include them more often~~ <3

  21. I'm new in Japan and my husband bought me the lamb and the jingisukan pot.ive been searching for the recipe and don't seem to get enough info.do u marinate the meat ?I'll give it a try today with no marinade but just the dipping sauce.

  22. You're really pretty. Has no one said this already?

  23. girl you sure can eat

  24. OMG It looks delicious ♪ I'd like to go to Hokkaido more and more after watching your video (^_^;)

  25. Have you came to Yokosuka before?

  26. When u were taking selfie and acting funny I fall for u , suki des😀😀😀😊

  27. おいしそう、食べほだいが大好き!

  28. Chika, those grills remind me of the Mongolian Grills Restaurants we have here in the US. You pile the meat, veggies, and create your sauce in a bowl, hand it to a cook, he fries it up on a huge round grill with 10 other bowls. Love the beer garden, looks like a traditional German Beer Hall.

  29. ummm… meat. :^)

    The strange thing was, I could almost smell the meat cooking and the smoke in the air.

    Thank you for sharing, Chika.

  30. 札幌にいるんですかーーーー!???笑笑

  31. were those pillows from Turkey?they look so,I wondered :)love you chika..<3

  32. サッポロビールの創設者の子孫の1人です。今は一般庶民ですけどねw

  33. I want to go Hokkaido(^o^)

  34. ever since i came to japan i've been wondering why it's called ジンギスカン! mystery solved!! thank you!

  35. Chika do you have more then one stomach LOL When I was living in Ca I went to this mall that actually had a Mongolian restaurant in it and I couldn't believe the food OH MY GOSH !!!! when I move to Texas I hope I find a simmaler place PS I HATE SPELL CHECK !!! LOL

  36. I love all of your videos but food!!~~

  37. I realized in the previous video that the Japanagos tortoise has disappeared 🙁 What did happen with it?

  38. I'm glad to hear that you said "weekly vlog " I had fun because you were so enjoy eating Jingiskan:)Thank you for sharing! I want to go there ♡

  39. Chocolate beer!?
    At first I don't know tasts of the beer. lol

  40. Love how the meat in Japan is cut really really thin! Here in Denmark it's just a big chunk. your videoes about Hokkaido are so interesting! <3

  41. Looks so delicious✨You seem really happy when you are eating😊Your smile makes me happy♪I have lived in chitose-shi Hokkaido for 4 years and I always used to eat Jingisukan at home 🙂 I have a craving for 'Jingisukan'😍

  42. I miss my hometown Sapporo! ジンギスカン食べたい〜。沖縄からです。

  43. "Sie ritten um die Wette mit dem Steppenwind..tausend Mann (Ha, Hu, Ha)"

    sorry for that…but this was a quote of a german song about Genghis Khan…which was in my mind when i read "Jungisukan"..it is actually pronunced the same way – lol

    ok…now i'm hungry.

  44. Ohayo! 🙂 loved this video! I'm Navajo, Native American, and we eat mutton and lamb as our traditional food. I've never knew it would be served in Japan! looks delicious! if I'm ever in Japan I know where I'm headed 🙂 looking forward to your next vlog!

  45. ビールが似合う!

  46. Frederick König

    The Sapporo Beer Museum is a place I would like to visit…. And of course this restaurant!
    How much was the all-you-can-eat ?

  47. Those pieces of lamb looks tender, soft, juicy, & above all absolutely delicious! I love meat & know meat goes well with vegetable, rice, etc. Btw, looks like you often run into your fans in your videos, huh? I think it proves you have many fans around Japan. That's awesome!

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