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Save Money, Make Beer at Home

Home beer making kits are a great way to make your own beer. The benefits of these kits are many.

If you're like most beer drinkers, you've likely tested different types of beers over the years. There are dark beers, light beers, heavy beers, some are bitter, and some are not. A home beer brewing kit gives you the ability to make and try your own beer so you can find that one special taste you love. Some kits, like the one I use, have over 170 different recipes. You can even tweak the recipes to suit your own tastes. I find this to be a huge advantage over the mass produced, store bought beers. Helpful tip: As you experiment, write down every thing you do, step by step, as you create different types of beer. You may not like every batch you make, but when you find those that you do like, you'll have a record of what you did and you'll be able to recreate it. Remember, every variation you make, no matter how large or how small, will make a difference in the final taste of your beer. That's part of the fun.

Home beer kits make the process of beer making very easy. The kits include all of the equipment that is needed to make batch after batch of great tasting beer. All of the kits include easy to follow instructions. Do not worry if you lose the instructions because most of the better kits have websites that provide the same information online. These websites also provide other customer service functions such as FAQ, contact information, re-order ability, and other services. Most kit companies also offer optional equipment to enhance your brewing experience. These options include things like bottles, caps, labels, etc.

What about the cost? The company I bought my kit from has kits starting as low as $ 39.99. Remember, once you have purchased the kit, you can keep using it to make batch after batch. The only regular, ongoing cost is the different recipes that you will order. Most of the recipes range in price from about $ 10 to $ 30. Each recipe makes 2 gallons, or just over 21 12 oz. bottles. Compared to store bought beer, this could result in a basic cost savings.

Where are you going to store the beer? Storing your beer is actually going to be an easy part of making the beer! I know you are thinking that you have to store all the beer that you make in a refrigerator but actually, that is not the case. You can store the beer in the bottles (that are sealed) that are available through the kit companies. As the beer is sealed tight it stops fermenting and the beer will stay good until you open it.

When should you use the home brewing systems? You can use a home brewing system to make beer for a party, for a small get together or use it just to have fun and keep you own brand of beer on the shelf in your home.

Now it is time to get busy and start making your first batch.

Source by Jeff Gilbert

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