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Six Weird Japanese Foods & 2 Beers.

This was pretty good food! The beer was good too!
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  1. Next time you find yourself back in America, you should find a place that sells fried chicken liver. It's legitimately my favorite food in the world (besides ice cream, anyway.). lol

  2. About the muslim thing, we don't have to eat everything with our hand. It is a sunnah to eat with our right hand but it's not compulsory.

  3. Happy Birthday, Victor! 🍻 🎂 🎉

  4. Thanks for telling how it taste. It would have driven me nut's not knowing. I just realized Japan has a habit of eating sticky food. Helps when you are using chop sticks.

  5. Best thing there was the liver!

  6. Happy Birthday Victor😁

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTOR!!!!!! 🍻🍡🍢🍘🍰🎂🍾🥂
    Love eating foods like that when I am in Japan!!!!! Interesting and heathy!!!!!! And yes @3:30 is great with beer I think it has honey in it also the walnut one!!!!!

  8. I'm late but happy birthday!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Victor!

  10. The audio seems a bit echoey, thanks for uploading and Happy Birthday Victor!

  11. I’m happy to hear his wife being cheerful

  12. I love you, Japan, but I don't think I could eat any of that food. Well maybe the peanut miso and the mochi ball thing. Also, Happy Birthday, Victor!

  13. Happy Birthday Victor!

  14. Happy Birthday, hon! Looks like you had fun! .. The sushi restaurant where I get lunch has miso soup. The green things look like Greek stuffed grape leaves. And, no- can't do the grasshoppers, nope.. Soy sauce is good for you, because it is fermented. Regular soy is bad for you- it mimics estrogen in men, and lowers testosterone.. Go get more beer! LOL!! 😉

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. wow you still here

  18. Happy Birthday!!
    Please make more video's!

  19. Happy Birthday

  20. Salty food and beer is always a great combo. Happy birthday Victor!!!!

  21. Happy Birthday! Also, here in Norway, we eat a lot of fish, but we remove the head usually, but on small fish, it might still be on, we have a lot of herring dishes in my town that probably has the head still on, as my city was built around herring fishing, so we even have a herring jazz festival. 😛 Though oddly enough… we have a dish called Smalahåve, it's pretty much a boiled sheep's head, they say the eyes are the best part… I've never tried it for obvious reasons. 😛

  22. Happy Birthday Victor! Good video, this is the second video with the Mrs. Gimmebreakman's voice in the background recently… I hope this becomes a common thing we get to see or hear her very little, and its nice to get a woman's opinion.

  23. Happy Birthday Victor!!!! 😁

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